The Opposite of Nirvana
"You see, my name might be a heavenly entity and I may look like an angel, but I am nothing like that. You'll see, now get in the box, my dear, we have places to go."
Pronunciation Val-ha-la
Status Alive
Race Level Touched
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weight 135 lbs.
Blood Type O+
Family Wife: Deceased

Son: Unknown

Base of Operations Nomad
Affiliation By Payment
Partner Freyr

Valhalla is a Tainted survivor in Eden with no concrete home, he simply moves about where he wishes or where work takes him.

"You need a little bit of insanity to do great things." - Henry Rollins

"I've seen people who would spend a millenia in hell to get a promotion. And people call me crazy!" - Valhalla


Valhalla is a lean, tall man with long gray hair with a single braid, which is worn so as to hide his eyes. His eyes reflect a bright yellow green, a rare color that seems to be subject to certain rituals in his family. There's a light tan to his skin, making it very resistant to being burnt.

He also has extensive black fingernails and a noticeable scar across his face, neck, and left pinky finger. His style of dress is predominantly black; additionally, his attire includes an incredibly lengthy top hat and a gray scarf strapped across his chest and knotted by the hips. He wears an emerald ring on his left index finger.

At times, when he  wishes not to have his true identity known, Valhalla wears square, silver-framed glasses, and a black trench coat. He often uses a bit of makeup to hide the scars across his neck and face, but still had his ear piercings.


Valhalla is a mysterious man whose scarred face is never fully visible beneath his long hair and crooked top hat. He tends to punctuate his words with sweeping gestures and creepy giggles and spends a considerable deal of time inside of coffins. He takes joy in frightening others, as he unintentionally acts in a disconcerting manner to provoke a reaction. Valhalla frequently refers to the deceased as his "guests," and it is his hobby to remove organs from his "guests" for research, which most often ends up being planted in people who are still alive but do not need the organs themselves. He finds that it is fascinating to see the body.

Valhalla has great and significant connections with the under belly of society; as murderers, assassins, and theives are often delivered to around his place of business. Thus, he has voluminous knowledge in these macabre cases that allows him to be an informant. However, he does not exchange his services for the common coin in Eden, as he dislikes the idea of material wealth. Instead, he expects those that want information from him to amuse him in some way.

When it comes to taboos, nothing is barred for Valhalla. While he experiments, he also finds that he is incredibly interested in finding out how much he can push someone. His favorite thing is seeing how much he can torment them until they break. At times, he breaks his toys too fast, taking animals to them in place of raping them himself. Valhalla has a very small filter to himself and finds it difficult to care about his victims unless they're outwardly beautiful.

He is intrigued by humans and the various taint levels in them, to the point where he has defied orders so that he can manipulate the bodies of those nearby. He has been known to openly kill someone if he found them to be interesting enough and has been seen working on bodies when he wants to do so. Valhalla has gone so far as to open a body right there in the middle of the street. He is exceptionally disenchanted by the aspect of death; when one day he started asking the question: "What would happen if the end had a continuation?"

For this question to be answered, he tries his best to connect people from their deaths until their rebirth in some fashion. However, despite his many experiments, he could never successfully figure out if people were turning from tainted to forsaken or forsaken to Horror. Nonetheless, he is proud of what little bit of research he has, and even when others remark on his deranged nature, he refuses to concede, and stresses the beauty of his experiments. He has often told people that they should be happy to have contributed to his research and has been known to even perform sick and disgusting deeds to make himself happy.

There is one thing that he fears more than anything and that's being lonely. Valhalla hates being alone but doesn't cound dead bodies as being 'non-people'. He allows himself the company of whoever he can get to be there with him. Being alone is something that Valhalla hates as it reminds him that he never knew what love really was, this is not to say that he is actively searching for it. He finds that his lost/deceased family wasn't as important to him as they should have been and sometimes thinks about the bastard children he might have out in the world.

He greatly loved his wife before her death and cherished her more than anything. He favored his son and took great amount of care in teaching him until Valhalla had lost his wife and was convinced to sacrifice his son. Any children that he might have now would be around 16 or 18, making Valhalla rather old even though he looks nothing like it. 

As a kind of 'calling card', Valhalla marks his living property with piercings.


“Good and evil do not exist for me any more. The fear of evil is merely a mass projection here and on Earth.” - Hans Bender 




Anime-3de65935070662a71a830ff07c3b4665 h


Valhalla was born in the desert where his mother and father were both very tall, very tribal kind of people. His father was born a slave in a female-ruled tribe in the middle of the desert.

They were very similar to the Amazons and felt that if they held men under themselves in value, they would be freed from Eden when they died and would be goddesses in the worlds beyond. 

Valhalla's mother was a very notable female in the tribe, one of the weavers of the tribe's clothing and wares. Her name was Valkyrie and she was allowed to keep one man as a slave to help her with her trading wares, making them. The male slave went by the name of Jaeger and was one of her favorites. 

Valkyrie was very descisive in how she would use the man and was very good at seeing his potential. She saw that Jaeger was rather talented when it came to making the items and Valkyrie would often sneak in his products to be sold. The two of them grew rather close and Valkyrie was very fond of Jaeger, keeping him in her clay hut home rather than forcing him in a kennel cage like all the other females did. 

For a long while, no one realized that Valkyrie was slipping more and more of Jaeger's work into the wares and, when they did, she was punished by having her wares taken away from the trading post for a month. It was difficult for her to cope with that, trading being the only way she could really live and food, for her, was scarce. Jaeger saw this and worked as hard as he could to scavenge for food that would be edible for her. 

During this time, Valhalla became pregnant and Jaeger had to sneak her out of the tribe's location, fearing that her life would be in danger if they stayed for much longer.


After having Valhalla, Valkyrie and Jaeger were staying in Lyons, far away from her tribe. It was here that his mother picked up the religion in the area, worhipping the sun as a god, very similar to Egyptian beliefs. His father had seen this and was already agreeing with her on getting it into their lives. His father was very much against getting his son involved too much with the religion that Valkyrie seemed to have devoted herself to. It was painful for him to watch and she was almost to the point of leaving her faily entirely for something that no one even knew existed.

Jaeger was very close to his son and saw that the child was often asking about his mother while he was young. It was something that pained Jaeger, being unable to answer his child when there wasn't anything else he could do about it. Valkyrie was beginning to cheat on him with one of the priests and Jaeger became very upset about this. It wasn't much longer after finding out about it that Jaeger ended up beating the woman despite the earrings on him that marked him as living property.

Valkyrie was surprised at him and found that the sudden show of rebellion was deplorable and began treating him like a slave again. Valhalla saw this and began introverting on himself. There were times where he ended up going on toward small animals in the area and abusing them in various fashions, his favorite was to remove the tongues and sew the rectums so that he could pour large quantities of sand into their mouths and watch them expand.

Neither of his parents even noticed this as they were far too interested in fighting between the two of them. Valhalla was never a lonely child. Instead, he believed that as long as there were people around him, dead or alive, he was never truly alone. It was with this mentality and introverted behavior that he grew up on his own, using his own moral code that was vastly different from that of other people. Valhalla saw his father and mother fighting constantly and used this to his advantage and, at the age of twelve, committed his first sin.

Valhalla ended up raping a woman after knocking her out and tying her down. He ended up using stolen tools to cut her tongue out, waking her up in the process, and managed to silence her enough to allow her to begin having to swallow her own blood from her tongue injury. Valhalla was fascinated by how easily her body had separated like that, even going so far as to play with the tongue on himself, trying to understand how something like that had even been in another person.

He went on to raping her, getting the woman pregnant after sewing up her tongue and ensuring that he would be able to play with her later. There were rumors all over Lyons about who did it, but the woman wouldn't say a word about it, not wanting to let anyone know she'd been overcome by a small teenaged boy. Not a soul would have believed her anyway. 



Wife: Marion

"I met an angel in the night and made her my wife. Then, one evening some time later, I was gifted with a son. I've never had something so beautiful that I wasn't even been certain I wanted in the first place." -Valhalla; when talking about his family.

After having the woman while he was young, Valhalla became very interested in experimenting with women and men alike. He was rutheless in his experimentations, often killing the person who he was working on even if he didn't mean to do it. Valhalla wasn't clumsy though and while he was young, even managed to let a few live.

Of course, those that he allowed to live didn't often have a way of communication. He would cut off thumbs and disable their ability to speak in various ways. He found that this helped him with keeping himself anonymous even though several of them would see him in Lyons and would sometimes have panic attacks just at the sight of him.

There was one woman, from the plains, who was often around Lyons. Valhalla didn't see her until the woman was trading with his mother and, at the age of sixteen, fell in love with her. The woman was a redhead with green eyes that caught his sight immediately. Valhalla was smitten with her but she didn't even notice him until one day, he caught her and kept her in a small abandoned house near where his parents lived. Valhalla worked on making the woman forget her life and live with him instead, not wanting to let her get away from him.

This entire process took far longer than he had anticipated.

It was nearly a year after that the female finally offered up her name to him; Marion. Valhalla kept himself very close to her for the few months after she gave him her name, not wanting her to revert back to how she had been resisting him. He was very good at buttering her up and was able to ease her into having sex with him. The act itself was rather boring to him but he was happy to finally have her to himself in that fashion.

His mother and father noticed him being away from their home more often than not and it wasn't long before they became very suspicious of his behavior. His mother followed him and saw that he was having a female, making her immediately inconsolable. She cried that Valhalla needed to be married before he could be with Marion again, and, loving his new pet, Valhalla agreed. His father could see that Valhalla didn't really love the woman and was worried about his son.

Valhalla married the woman in his mother's religion. Marion hadn't heard of it and Valhalla had no interest in it but allowed his mother to have the reigns since he only wanted to have a child with Marion. This didn't mean he was in love with her enough to want children to show it, but it also didn't rule that out entirely. 

No, Valhalla was experimenting with her again. He wanted to learn about the body and had a good feeling through his research that the woman would be able to become pregnant under the right circumstances and he was willing to do this. 


His mother worked on getting him into her religion for a long time, even going so far as to suggest nice slave girls for him and Marion. Valhalla wasn't against the idea and allowed his mother to purchase the slaves for him, very happy that he would get more 'guests'. His old pet Marion didn't seem to care but wanted to have all of the women in their own uniform, keeping them in it all day so that they could identify them easily. 

After a quiet, somewhat stilted wedding, Valhalla managed to impregnate Marion and was already finding himself getting bored with her. One by one, their slave girls began dying off from various experiments while Marion herself was happily oblivious of his actions, doting on their unborn child. 

Valhalla became interested in learning exactly why Marion was so attached to him and began getting books on the subject of people who were in love with their captors. He came across Stockholm syndrome and was very happy to see that all of the symptoms were ones that Marion possessed.

By the time their son was born [the only defect being that he was born with only one eye], Valhalla's slave girls were down by ten, leaving him with only around fifteen and six of them were pregnant. Marion was turning a blind eye to the girls that Valhalla had knocked up, not wanting to look like a jealous woman since it was customary in that religion to have a harem. Valhalla's mother was already smitten with her grandson and was already planning on spoiling him.

Desert Caravan by Aranthulas
Eight years went on like this and in the middle of it, Valhalla got himself mixed up with the trading business. 

The man worked with getting things to and from Zurich as well as to Upper and Lower Milan. He had a large standing with people that he could use to get himself to be able to trade lower value items for higher value as long as he found something to give them later on. 

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Valhalla's son; unnamed

The trading was going like this for a long time, at least until his nine year old son was able to travel with his mother and the slave girls. Valhalla's son was physically weaker than most and his younger bastard siblings were his only friends, making it a little harder for him to be able to even get along with people who weren't in their 'family's compound. 

Valhalla never cared for this and began getting even more immersed in his mother's strange cult-like religion. His son was independent now and was able to move on his own, not really bothering with his now crazy mother. Marion had begun losing her mind when Valhalla's experimentations of her became a little more physical than she would have liked, making her a little less susceptible to pain. 

She often had... accidents, as Valhalla explained them, and was all the time getting herself into 'trouble' with her husband. The man didn't bother with it too much and was able to at least get her to lie correctly. When she began showing early signs of dimentia, being a couple of years older than Valhalla, Marion began remembering the life she had before him. 

There were nights where she would scream 'rapist', 'kidnapper', and 'murderer' at Valhalla and this only served to piss him off even more. The man had little patience with his ailing wife, the same woman that he had believed he loved before and was becoming increasingly more bored with her. It was getting to the point that being in the same room with her was a chore of epic proportions.

In the winter, Valhalla took a trip to the nearby city of Zurich for trading when Marion became physically violent with him. Not caring for Marion anymore and quite tired of her mental issues, Valhalla left the city with her, leaving his son under the care of a trader, and began using his own form of torture. 

It was that night that Valhalla began raping again. Using large bits of wood and even a few rocks, he experimented by pushing rocks into her womb via her vagina and commenced to sodomizing her with a rather large piece of jagged bone that was nearby. 

Marion died that night by his own hands and, while he was killing his son's mother, one of the more angry slaves left his son alone with the trader. Valhalla returned to Zurich to find that his son had been traded as a piece of property to the Nightwolves.


Ciel shivers
Angry and already about six hours behind the Nightwolves, Valhalla went after the one thing he cared about in the world anymore and that was his nine year old son. 

By the time he got there, his son had already suffered a great deal and Valhalla was experiencing a level of anger he'd never felt in his life. The man was already very upset and, upon telling them what had happened, the Nightwolves understood but also pointed out that rape was their way of punishing people for disrespect. As it turned out, his son had cried for him while on the way to their campsite and they viewed this as weakness and disrespect. 

Valhalla was aggressive openly and his own behavior looked like disrespect, causing Thrandr to become very upset at the actions of Valhalla. The second-in-command attempted to attack Valhalla, trying to pin him down and rape him while Valhalla's son cried quietly nearby. Thrandr never managed to get Valhalla pinned and the father was able to throw punches left and right, tearing the man down with relative ease.

This entire scenario scared his son to the point where the young man was nearly grabbed once again. Valhalla put a stop to it immediately and managed to use a large piece of wood to kill one of the Nightwolves in his rage. This show of power caused several of them to step back but they weren't too upset about one of their own being killed, instead they were a bit impressed. It wasn't something that Valhalla was particularly okay with, he didn't like it at all. 

He grabbed his son and took off back to Zurich. The entire time, his son whimpered and would try to ask his father about what it was that had happened to him. Valhalla was unable to accurately give a reply as his teeth were clenched in rage at the thought that someone would do this to his child, the only one he ever loved. Instead, he did his best to comfort the child and explained it the best that he could. The word being applied to what had happened to his son simply served to make the child even more upset, ending up crying into Valhalla's shoulder as they entered the city.

In Zurich, Valhalla rented a room at an Inn close by to the residential district where it was safer. The two of them stayed there for the night and in the darkness, Valhalla questioned his choices. The man found that he wasn't satisfied with where his life was and, having lost a bit of his purpose in being a father, Valhalla found there was only one real solution to this issue. He began planning and found that there were things in Zurich he could do.

In Valhalla's mind, there was only one real option that he could choose from and the man returned home to his mother and father, hoping to be able to find a place for his son to stay. Kalteer was very curious about what had happened and asked Valhalla to tell him. It wasn't until the truth was out that Valhalla finally let himself slump against a wall, looking as if he had aged ten years. His father suggested letting his grandson stay there with him while Valhalla took the job in Zurich. When he told his son, the young man was very unwilling to let his father leave. It was because of this that Valhalla was even more tempted to do so because he wanted his child to grow stronger because of this, not weaker. 


So, instead, he kissed his child and spent the last few days with him, watching his son take a religious test that his grandmother brought up. The test itself was actually for his son's 'coming of age' preparation. The first ceremony was to establish him in the religion and the second, to be performed at 16, would be to fully root him into it. Funnily enough, neither of Valhalla's parents asked about where Marion had went but Valhalla's father understood immediately when he mentioned that she had 'gone away'.

Raven Beartrap s Chaos Symbol by krazedkei

Watching the ceremony, Valhalla had to be the one to cover his son in black roses and similarly colored ribbons, blindfolding him so that he could be sanctioned by the priest. The black was chosen to symbolize their goddess of the night, one of the more important goddesses that ruled over fertility and luck. The priest would put Frankincense perfume over the person and then burn Geranium around the person.

They used Valhalla's blood to draw a symbol on his son's body. The religion believed that if they used the blood of the father to help with anointing the son, it would make him much more prone to good luck and be much more successful in life. Not only that but they chose the symbol that they did to incite protective properties over his body. That night they tattooed the symbol on the back of his wrist, coloring it black and trapping his father's blood there. His son was very happy about this and told his father that he was excited because it meant his father would always be there with him in some form. 

Valhalla was taken back at this and managed to calm his son enough for the child to go to sleep. Once he was, Valhalla snuck out of the room and wrote a letter to his son, telling him that he was sorry but daddy had some stuff to take care of in Zurich and Milan.

Valhalla's letter: 

My dearest son, I have left to work in a place beyond the borders of Lyons as I feel that is where I will be most needed. This does not, however, mean that I no longer love you or want you. You are the most precious thing in my life now that your mother is gone and I do not wish to see you make the mistakes that I did. Please, I implore you to work with your grandparents in making your life the best that you can, even with what's happened to you in the forest. Those people did not deserve to even look upon your beautiful face.

I love you.

SwampCreature FinalConstantinelow

On his way there, Valhalla was attacked by a horror. He was unable to fight very well at all and, upon being attacked, was nearly mutilated beyond recognition. His son would never realize who he was at this point and even then, Valhalla was unable to move. He was extremely lucky that there were people around on the trading route to get him, going that way so they could avoid the Forest Banshee that was rumored to be in the area. Valhalla didn't fight them and allowed the woman there to beging stitching him up as they were headed to Zurich. 

There was a man there that they had to see about getting him medical treatment but Valhalla was already delirious from blood loss that they didn't think he would survive. The doctor who was working on him made sure that Valhalla would be able to live, working and experimenting at the same time. Blood from the Forsaken forces in Zurich was being put inside of Valhalla and his body was taking it in like a sponge. 


"It was that horrible pain that caused me to see the truth of myself and others. It's the same truth that no one else ever wants to see but I see it now. I see that there are despicable, hateful things about all of us but the only difference is...

The ones who act on it are evil, insane, hateful beings but the ones who don't are saints. Why is that? I think it's bullshit concocted to make people feel better about not acting on their base instincts. These are the same people who've never had the joy of drinking the blood from the skull of someone who wronged them." -Valhalla

Laying there in the doctor's office, Valhalla was delirious and confused. He attempted to fight off the doctor that was touching him and was finding that his strength was waning. He whispered about his son and even tried getting up to go and find him. The doctor would simply laugh at him and tell him that his child was dead.

It was this that made Valhalla cry out in madness, his brain overloading itself as he was unable to completely recognize truth from fiction. The man screamed and cried for hours, the one thing keeping him alive, his his mind, being harshly ripped from him in an instant. Valhalla whimpered into the early morning for his child,

Not wanting his patient to be upset any longer, he placed a teddy bear in Valhalla's arms, telling him that it was his son. The man was in so much physical pain that he didn't question it and clung to the small bear, even going so far as to name it Bear. He didn't know how generic of a name it was, not that he really cared about that, but he was comforted by its presence in the bed with him.

As he slept, he could hear the God's voice taunting him that his son no longer loved him. Valhalla cried in his sleep over this and pleaded with the God to make him forget his child's face. The God did not seem to listen to him but instead made his son's face even more prevalent in his mind. He loved his son and saw the images of what had happened to him while the Nightwolves had him. Valhalla ended up waking up in the middle of it and screamed louder than he had the entire time he'd been in the doctor's office.

The doctor came in and twisted his stitches on his chest harshly, not letting the man disturb him too much. He went on to refill the blood packet and caused Valhalla to sob as the fire-like liquid was pushed into his veins. He clutched the teddy bear and ended up falling asleep once again. The doctor kept him alseep more often than not, letting the Forsaken blood transfusions work on him as Valhalla slept. The voice of God continued to torment him to the point where Valhalla just wanted to forget he even had a son. 

Aftwer six weeks, he was able to get up and walk on his own without issue and, packing his clothes as well as the bear, he went on to the Zurich Zoo where he worked diligently to help with the black market there. It was here that he ended up meeting Freyr. The man was someone that Valhalla had never really been able to read very well but he liked him well enough. He provided Freyr with anything that he needed and even gifted the man a few of the old slaves that were still loyal to him from his marriage.

It was this reptilian man that caught Valhalla's eye even more than Marion did and he was very surprised to find that Freyr wasn't one to be pushed around as easily as Marion had been either. This made Valhalla even more curious about him. The new Tainted ended up becoming a little more curious than he was probably supposed to be and ended up making a pact with Freyr. Valhalla became the man's property, allowing Freyr to pierce his ear and put jewelry in it.

While he was working in Zurich, Valhalla took a job at the Zurich Zoo of Freaks where he began experimenting on several of the residents there. Inside of the zoo, there was one Forsaken that really caught his attention, Alex. He petitioned to attempt to get a hold of the man, wanting to see how far the horns went into his skull, but the owner denied him each time. He kept telling Valhalla that the man's methods were known and wouldn't be allowed on that particular resident. 

Female siren by xiaobotong-d4clq39
Discouraged, Valhalla simply picked another Forsaken. The woman was a water-based type of fighter that wasn't the best at controlling her powers. She had managed to drown almost four visitors to the Zoo in the five months that she was there and Valdor was immediately granted to Valhalla. The woman was already beginning to put up a struggle around him, spitting at him and even trying to kick him anytime that he got close to her. 

Valhalla hated having to restrain his experiments and was already having to do so with her. He did, however, believe that it was fun to continue messing with her. He was a few weeks in, already having removed an eye, cut off an ear, and even tattooed her thighs when he learned that the woman was pregnant.

The man was able to gather data on pregnant females, finding that her reactions were rather interesting the more that he was able to do to her. She had a lower pain threshold and her body would often shut down if he prodded her too much. It was a discovery that made Valhalla very curious. 

He went to the trader's market a few days before the woman gave birth and grabbed a few bags of spices so that he could conduct his experiment. He waited for her to give birth, handing the child off to an assistant that was with him and inserted the spices into her uterus after pulling the placenta out. 

Valhalla recorded the time that he had inserted it and waited for the woman to calm down. She had been shrieking when he'd inserted it but that was understandable, he had put his entire hand in her to get those spices in. He allowed her night time visitation of her child, figuring that it wouldn't be a bad idea. It wasn't until two weeks later that the woman attempted to murder her child. 

After that, he pulled her child from her and managed to give it to a person that was willing to look after it for a while at the very least. Vallhalla just put her in his clinic and began pressing on her stomach. She would scream and thrash anytime he managed to get near her womb, it was then that he understood that it was the spices that were doing it and tied her down. The woman tried to fight against him and he was finding it harder to actually get into the womb this time.

Valhalla managed to get a nice pair of separators so that he could get her open. The woman, being unsedated, finally passed out from the shock and pain of it. He didn't care and managed to get the spices out, finding that they weren't completely the way he had hoped. They had fermented inside of her and her womb was essentially rotting out. Removing the spices, Valhalla simply didn't bother repairing her cervix before going on to open her up and implant a second stomach in her like a cow. 

Valdor didn't live but a week after that, her stomach swelling and causing her horrible pain. 

After he had given the child away and performed several botched 'surgeries', Valhalla went on with Freyr. For a long time he had been mostly learning how slaves responded to different types of painful and pleasurable stimuli, Valhalla followed Freyr to Lower Milan where they met with Gavin. It was Valhalla's first time meeting the man and he was a little confused as to why Freyr was so insistent on being commissioned under the man. Not one to question his heart, that being Freyr, Valhalla allowed himself to agree to Gavin's proposition and simply followed the two around. 

Valhalla is currently in Lower Milan and regularly experiments on the lesser cared about residents.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Fighting Style:
 Valhalla is a very personal kind of fighter. When he wants to ruin someone, he'll do it and make it look as if it's the most artful thing anyone's ever seen on the planet. 

It can be beautiful and terrible at the same time, he uses quick strikes and vicious hits with anything he can get his hands on. His personal favorite weapon is to use the religious prayer rods that are associated with his mother's religion. 

They're attached to the inside of his leather coat and he uses them as bludgeons to attack whoever it is that's challenging him. He can wield a sword but shows that his bashing-type attacks will need quite a bit of work before they can even be considered artful. This kind of training is what he has Freyr and Gavin for.

Steel StitchesEdit

Attached to the events of his past, Valhalla's abilities revolve around metal thread.

During his experiments, he managed to use thread similar to this through having to constantly open and sew up bodies and, through his own experiences after being attacked by a Horror, he was stitched up by the doctor and tormented.

This torment was what made him so attached to the stitches that his body ended up bearing heavy scars that are still present on his body. 

Threaded Wire ManipulationEdit

Name Threaded Wire Manipulation
Type Offensive/Utility
Cost Moderate
Stat Strength/Dexterity
Range Mid to Long
Silent Hill - Christabella's death Scene (HD)

Silent Hill - Christabella's death Scene (HD)

By manipulating the area around wires and threads, Valhalla can use them to attack an opponent or even sew a large gash up. When being used in battle, he has to be extra carful not to get himself hurt by mistake as his control can slip and end up hurting him as well. 

Valhalla can create, shape, and manipulate wires, usually pliable metal strands or rods made in many lengths and diameters. He can create, generate, or increase wires with a higher cost of energy; repair, sharpen, and dull wires as well as bind a person or create long, thin whips.

Upon exhausting his energy, he might be unable to create wires but will be limited to manipulating already existing ones in the area. The distance and amount of matter depends on his strength and skill, which means it would take a long time to learn how to use not to mention he could cause unintended damage to himself and others if he's not concentrating fully.

Whenever he's using it in a medical or experimental procedure, he simply has to focus on what he's doing as well as be able to direct the thread with his hand. 

Barbed EfficiencyEdit

Name Barbed Efficiency
Type Offensive
Cost Moderate
Stat Focus/Endurance
Range Close to long

Using his energy, Valhalla can coat his thread with barbs very much like barbed wire. It cannot be sustained past two posts and, if he tries to further it, his strength wanes as well as his energy to fight.

The barbs are small, one inch triangles that are as sharp as a sword's blade and Valhalla can use them while fighting as long as he can move his hands to direct them.

If he cannot move his hands, he cannot direct them and therefore loses the ability for three turns. 


{{{strength bonus}}}{{{dexterity bonus}}}{{{endurance bonus}}}{{{focus bonus}}}{{{resilience bonus}}}{{{accuracy bonus}}}
STR 10
RES 10
Base points 55
Earned 0 (Link to be added...)
Points spent on abilities 0
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Hollywood Undead - Bullet (Lyric Video)

Hollywood Undead - Bullet (Lyric Video)

His faceclaim is the Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji.

Valhalla's theme song is Hollywood Undead's Bullet.

In a Walking Dead RP, Valhalla was a serial killer and rapist who went by the name 'The Ghost' in Japan. Kylar was a better Ghost. No, he wasn't.

Valhalla has several illigetimate children.


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