The Nightwolves is a nomadic tribe of people that have varying Taint levels. They can mostly be found in the forest and are currently being led by Leviticus.


The Nightwolves are a group of hunters and warriors presiding over the spiritual law of the forest. It is one of the groups within Eden that uses their own set of beliefs along with the law of the land. They have a special organization comprised of experienced hunters, rarely ever taking in outsiders unless as slaves or prisoners.




The Nightwolves were originally part of a small village in the forest that was burned the to the ground after a particularly vicious Horror attack on it. The attack had taken place on the village during the middle of the night, shocking anyone within the first Horror's vicinity. Several lives were lost out of the population of around 150 within the first couple of hours until their numbers dwindled down to around 80. Even so, the village's people were a hardy group. They had several warriors that had grown to be between varying stages of Novice and Advanced Tainted, giving them a bit of an edge in battle. They believed that their reliance on their medieval type of lifestyle after the creation of Eden was part of what had caused them to fall so easily.

It was because of this that the people were disappointed to find that their home had gone up in flames. They didn't allow this to lay on their minds for very much longer than needed, deciding on working together they managed to decide on creating something that would be easier for them to move around with.

Going from the forest, they managed to begin trading with caravans from Lyons and Zurich, getting themselves some cloth and canvas. The leaders of this now nomadic village conversed with several of the traders and were told different ways to create dwellings with the supplies they already had. The men were excited about this prospect and began to put together large tents for families.

For a while, the nomads lived between the plains and forest, finding that the sparse trees weren't good enough for them to hunt in. Instead of staying there much longer, they moved on deeper into the forest despite the tales of a reaper being in the depths. While they were looking for new plots of land, they happened upon a large stretch of clear land that was near the base of a snow-capped mountain.

Development of Belief SystemEdit

While they were a semi-nomadic group, they managed to keep a large, equal amount of numbers of each age group and gender. Younger women were coveted among the warriors of the group, often times making a few of the men end up in large battles among one another so that they could reproduce with the one that they wished to have. It was very much like a puppy mill of pitbulls, several of the women ending up having children from different warriors but this did not bother them nearly as much as the deaths of these strong men did. 

Once it was established that these men were ending up getting themselves killed in battle with anything above Forsaken, the remaining warriors worked to become stronger and their nearly immediate idea was to consume the flesh of the fallen. Their logic was that if the meat of a deer made the body satisfied then the bodies of their fallen comrades and kills would make them stronger. 

The first few attempts of this were foiled as the meat of the Horrors killed more people than the fights did, making them incredibly sick until they began frying the meat like that of a deer. After this, more and more warriors were gaining the power that they had been craving. It became a custom to consume the flesh of their enemies and comrades alike after this, going on to produce more children that were more like the warriors they were hoping for.

The Horror WarEdit

About ten years after their group began using the flesh of Horrors, Corrupted, and Forsaken to strengthen their warriors, a small group of five Corrupted banded together against the Nightwolves. This band had a large grudge against the Nightwolves, a product begun by the God, finding that their beliefs were a problem for all of them. The Whispers of the God had caused them to become berserk, sending a couple of them into a bit of a rage against the Nightwolves. 

People outside of the tribe avoided the north of the forest because of the war between the Nightwolves and the Colossal 'Titans', as they had been dubbed by outsiders. The Titans were a bunch that several avoided coming into contact with, making them a bit of a legend after a certain amount of time. Their very existance was threatening in terrible ways. 

Several of the traders were scared off, isolating the Nightwolves from medical care, supplies, and even things to help with preserving their goods that were produced in the tribe. This isolation led to several of their women and children being malnourished and, in some cases, starving to death. Not only did it make surviving difficult for the members, but it also brought about new sicknesses that they believed was the work of the God that had taken over their world. 

The tribesmen and able-bodied women fought valiantly against the Titans that were heading for them, turning the Northern part of the Forest into a war zone that lasted for nearly six years. In that amount of time, the leadership of the Nightwolves changed almost several times.



The first, a male by the name of Gunra, had been torn apart by a particularly large Horror that had been dubbed Jo-tesh. Gunra had been the leader of the Nightwolves when they had left their original settlement, meaning that his contributions to the nomadic group were some of the most significant ones. Gunra had several children whose names were never recorded, but it was noticed that he had more boys than girls in his pool of offspring.

Several of the warriors managed to get a hold of his body parts and roasted them over an open fire right after he was killed, barely giving the family a chance to grieve. They believed that if they hurried, they would be able to get some kind of the man's power and make themselves his heir.



When his oldest son, Ezario, became of age a couple of weeks later, the young man was immediately instated the chief of the Nightwolves. So far the second-in-command under Gunra, Kalteer, had been running the show there and didn't appreciate being replaced so easily.


It was because of this that jealousy and hatred that lead to Kalteer taking actions into his own hands. The man waited until after a particularly nasty battle with the Forsaken who had joined the Titans, which had resulted in them losing several men, and entered Ezario's tent that night. He told the guards outside that he simply wished to speak to the young man before he found that Ezario was actually asleep. Seeing this as a prime opportunity, Kalteer stabbed the man in the neck and waited until he was dead, pretending to be trying to wake the man up the entire time.

No one ever found out about his treachery, not even Ezario's mother. The woman had been distraught and the constant close vicinity of the Horrors had been bearing down on her for the past few months, making it difficult for her to completely resist the God. It was within plain view of all the members of the tribe that Ezario's mother began beating her brains in with a large rock that she had grabbed from the ground.

Men and women had tried to get her to stop, the spectacle being one that was frightening and grisly for anyone that was watching. It turned the stomachs of several of the men and even a few hardened veterans of battle had a difficult time with their churning bellies. A few of the weaker warriors gave in and retched.

After the death of Ezario's mother, Kalteer was instated the new chief. With him, he brought a reign of tyranny over the tribe that was matched by no other. The man was very big on respect and would sexually violate anyone who he believed was taking that respect away, a practice that has survived through the years. Kalteer was so much more interested in policing the Nightwolves and taking away their freedom that one night, a female stood and slammed her axe into the ground. 



The woman's wrath was obvious on her face and with it, she showed the intolerance for Kalteer's actions. She was not upset about the rapes, Julia, the niece of Ezario, was more upset about the way the man was handling their situation. 

"If you continue to neglect your duties, Kalteer, then I have no choice but to annihilate you! There is no strength is standing by and there is no courage in hiding behind our walls. Tonight, I challenge you! I will fight you and take your position as leader of the Nightwolves and I will bring us glory when all you've done is shown us shame!"

Her words had echoed through the tribe that night, stirring hearts and souls with her bravery. Kalteer wanted nothing to do with it. Seeing her challenge as blatant disrespect, the man attempted to pin her down only to have her fight him off. 

"What makes you so certain that you are the one to keep control of the Nightwolves when you cannot even keep a woman under you? For shame, Kalteer, I expected more from you." 

It was that night that Julia beheaded Kalteer and burned his body, the largest insult that anyone in the Nightwolves could show to a man, much less a chief. Julia took up command of the Nightwolves that same night and was able to charge the battlefield the morning after. Her surprise tactic worked better than the direct assaults that had been used in the past, causing several of the Titans to be felled within a few hours. The renewed vigor among her forces frightened their opponents, making a few of their numbers leave even as Julia was planning another round of assaults.

With Julia heading them, the Horror war was over in a few weeks.

Tribal ConflictEdit

Now that the Nightwolves were able to move on out of their semi-permanent residence at the base of the mountain, the residents left and continued on toward the Icelands, wishing to experience less warmth and more cold. The people were very excited to be able to trade again, often flagging down trading caravans as they were coming by. One of the traders was rather enthusiastic about getting a few primitive decorations from them for his small inn located in Lower Milan. 

The females in the Nightwolves were rather puzzled by this but they didn't question it, going on to work on making the requested items for the man. He was stationed there for a few weeks while they worked, teaching the fundamentals of blacksmithing to the younger men who wished to learn while his wife was showing the younger girls how to repair clothing in an easier way. 

Julia returned the favor in her own way, teaching the men that were with the trader just how it was that she used her axe and shield. She kept the trader and his people under her protection and care while he had been there, not allowing the men to touch them if they disrespected them. Once the man left with his wares though, they quickly reverted back to their normal natures, going right back to what they were familiar with. Of course, this practice got them into trouble with a tribe that was nearby their own, a tribe of hunters that was very closely related to that of Arkadiya Valeri's non-nomadic village tribe.

Julia worked on keeping the two peoples from entering conflict but it was not to be. The tribe of hunters were already attacking them the next day after finding out that their chief's daughter had been raped by her second-in-command, Romentia. She fought against them, defending her people as best she could. A ceasefire was made a few weeks later, finding that the chief's daughter ended up losing the child that had been produced through the rape. 

It was after this that Julia ended up becoming pregnant herself. The warrior female was forced to give up her position to Romentia whose wife ended up having a child not long afterward. The child itself was a few days old when Romentia chose Godrid as his second-in-command while Julia struggled through her own pregnancy. The woman's body was unable to fully hold out much longer and she had a young son, Thrandr, and ended up dying in childbirth. 

When Romentia's son was five years old when he was struck down by Arkadiya's father, Hilsario. The man demanded Hilsario's head and was gifted it. He paraded with Hilsario's body, showing it to the other Nightwolves as a trophy of war, afterward, he boiled the skin off the man's skull and used the bone to drink from. 

It wasn't until he was faced with simple meat from a Horror that the man met his end. Romentia died in the middle of the night to the sickness that was drawn from eating the meat of one of the most tainted of God's creatures. That same night, Godric became the leader of the Nightwolves.

Under New ManagementEdit



Running under the management of Romentia's former second-in-command, the Nightwolves were returned to the forest that they had left. The man was very interested in changing the ideals of the Nightwolves, taking prisoners and putting them in cages to weigh them down, to see how long they would survive. 

He was very adamant about this form of testing, wanting to see if anyone outside of the Nightwolves were worthy of being in the tribe. It wasn't until he came across one Leviticus that he was pleasantly surprised; the man fought back at damn near everything. This showcase of strength impressed Godrid to the point that he was unwilling to let the warrior leave. 

Every now and again, he would throw Horror meat into the cage to see what Leviticus would do, finding that the man's body was taking to it better than some of his own men, Godrid decided to keep the man as a pet. He let the man's rage build up, a few of the warriors being to cowardly to go near the cage until Leviticus broke out of it entirely. 

It wasn't until that point that Godrid granted Leviticus the audience that he so desperately wanted. Godrid spoke Leviticus' language and offered the man a place in his tribe; the skills of this man, his power and his rage, would be useful to the Nightwolves. When he accepted, Leviticus began to earn his place proving his strength and earning the respect of the new chief. Godrid watched over the pet project of his, seeing that Leviticus was training heavily and even learning their tongue and customs. It was more than any other outsider had done previously and was definitely something that caught the chief's attention. 

Godrid finally decided that he would train Leviticus himself. He worked on self-worth as well as what it meant to be a man. He taught the mann how to feast on the flesh of lost commrades and spoke of how it made them stronger.



Unknowingly, Godrid became the father figure he never had. After Godrid's daughter, Jacinta, was born, being around ten when Leviticus showed up, the man began to realize that he was growing old. Soon, he would need someone to lead his people in his stead; he knew that Leviticus was the only man alive who had the strength to do that.

As the years passed, Leviticus grew wiser. Godrid, however, continued to grow weaker. Leviticus noticed this and knew that it was time to step up; he would challenge Godrid for leadership of the clan. All of the Nightwolves knew that weakness was unacceptable, no matter how much they may have loved their leader.

Leviticus rose before the entire clan, calling out his challenge in the native tongue for all to hear. Godrid was pleasantly surprised by Leviticus’ bravery but he was not yet ready to give up his position. The shock of the challenge had caused some of the others, namely Godrid's second and his daughter, to shout out in detest for Leviticus as he was challenging the eldest and wisest. A few of the soldiers even cried out in outrage going as far as to attack Leviticus, but they were quickly defeated. Godrid knew that he would have to rise up to the challenge that Leviticus was presenting, else he would look like a coward and that was not acceptable either.

Taking a stance he unsheathed his sword and hurdled towards Levi, but his old bones were not enough to keep up with the speed of youth. The fight lasted for several minutes, but in the end Leviticus bested his old mentor in a short fight that all of the tribe was able to witness.

With cries of shock and detest, Leviticus was now leader of the Nightwolves.

Year of DeathEdit

After Leviticus had been instated as the commander of the Nightwolves, a time of great prosperity came to them and that happiness ended up stopping with a screeching halt as the year of death waltz in. This new year would only prove to be the most challenging year for the Nightwolves after the ones spent during the Horror War.

It began with the thrill of the hunt, something that was very much instilled in several of the men and women in the hunting parties, as Leviticus lead his people into the darkest parts of the forest to hunt the Forsaken and Horrors that stalked the night. This particulary hunt didn’t come without great loss, but those who didn’t survive became food for the stronger warriors, increasing their strength as well as the influence of God. Even though they already knew that the meat of these creatures would do to them, it was the promise of power that drove several of the Nightwolves to hunt for the flesh of Forsaken and Horrors alike.

However their reign of gluttony would only last for so long, it ended on one of their victories nights, one with little loss and great gain. While feasting back at camp a few of the woman that had strayed too far from the camp were caught and ravaged by a couple of Horrors. Too great a time had passed for the safety of the camp; they had made themselves too comfortable with the comfort of a new, stronger leader.

Leviticus had been enraged at the word over what had taken place, only because he knew it would be near impossible to find the Horror’s responsible for the deaths. It was because of this that some of the tribesmen were beginning to doubt his leadership, and for good cause.

Levi no longer had Godrid to sway the votes of his people; Godrid’s time had come and gone long before therefore it was time for Levi to prove himself without the support of his mentor.

As the weeks and months followed and Levi led his people from location to location, still the attacks continued and still Leviticus couldn’t seem to find the pursuers. He had led a few of his warriors off to search only to return empty handed every time. A good portion of the woman and children were picked off during this year, as the healthier, younger females were taken leaving only the older and less fertile. This wasn’t good for the Nightwolves, as they needed their young woman to secure the future of the tribe, which was more important to them than pride. [It was long past time that Leviticus stood up to the killers and, for the next week, he had the strongest of his soldiers positioned cleverly throughout the camp armed and ready for an attack. It was because of the attacks that women were no longer allowed to leave the camp without escorts, this included the elderly.



The situation seemed to be fine for a while, as the new precautions seemed to be hindering the appetites and motivation of the pursuers. However, Leviticus would not allow himself to be blindsided again and as such he kept his eyes open and his men ready. His most trusted warrior and friend Thrandr, son of Julia, was responsible for leading the night patrol while he left protecting the camp to himself. He wanted to be close to the camp if the hunters decided they would make a go for the camp instead.

The time to prove themselves finally came on the coldest of nights with  a stale silence creeping across the campgrounds.

A loud and demonic roar sounded throughout the camp one that was echoed with the presence of two Horrors. The camp didn’t stay so quiet after that, with panicked cries and the sounds of men and a few women, such as Jacinta, Godrid's teenaged daughter, as they rushed to get their weapons.

Even the warriors who’d been placed on night guard seemed to be caught off guard but Leviticus however wasn’t afraid as he could not afford to be right then. Instead, he was ready. He’d been preparing for this attack for several weeks and was relieved that it was finally time to fight.

Warrior Concept by Zyklon8B

Leviticus, fully armored for this single fight.

Pulling the curtain of his tent open, he stepped out, fully armored, a sight that was rare to see. Leviticus was known for always remaining shirtless with only a single shoulder piece of armor, however that could not be said of this time; he was prepared to fight the Horrors and defend the honor of the tribes name and he would earn his tribes respect even if it cost him his life. As was the bane of being a leader..

At either side of the camp a large and unworldly creature stood, with demonic features. They were both so similar but at the same time very different in appearance. While they both possessed demonic features, the features themselves were twisted and bent in very different ways. It was only the sick demonic shrill that sounded from the two of them seemed to confirm that the two were mates.

With a heavy breath, Leviticus called out to his people and told them that it was time for them to defend their honor and prove their worth. This day they would fight, not only for their life but for the life and the very future of the Nightwolves.

With a quick dash through the camp and a soldier at either side of him, Leviticus rushed for the first horror. His gauntlet was the first part of him to make contact with the Horror, slashing through what looked to be one of the Horror’s legs. There was no surprise when the Horror seemed to be unfazed, sending a heavy and immortal strike into the pit of Leviticus’s chest. He felt his ribs crush as his body was launched through the air landing with a heavy sickening thud. He had been spared the brutality of the attack as the two soldiers that had followed him in were instantly killed. This Horror was much stronger than any Horror they had ever faced.

At the other side of the camp another fight took place, as Thrandr and a good portion of the higher ranked warriors appeared from the forest to fight off the other Horror. They seemed to be having a better time. The battle went on, on both sides of the camp for several hours. The sounds that echoed from the clearing on that night were gruesome. As the night went on the sounds slowly died out as nearly half of the Nightwolves  were slaughtered. Only the strongest of the warriors had managed to survive.

Most of the woman and children dying or already dead, Leviticus and Thrandr had managed to slay the last of the Horrors with a carefully planned assault. While for some it didn’t feel like a victory. Leviticus knew that it truly was. The name of the clan had survived and he knew that they could come back from this with time.

The following morning was met with sadness and discomfort, even the feasting of the dead was more difficult than usual. Leviticus had made a speech to his people telling them that he planned to lead his people to a new home so that they could repopulate. For the first time in so long they believed him, at this point Leviticus was the only person they had left to lead them, it would have been foolish to not trust him.

Without him and the strong support of Thrandr, they all would have perished the night before. Leviticus knew that he had earned this respect from his people, but not only that, he’d earned a new strength, something that wasn’t easily described. He was finally beginning to feel the changes inside him from the consumption of the Horrors.

The whispers in his head were becoming more frequent and the connection he felt with God was so much stronger. It was this new feeling of power that was motivating him. He knew without a doubt that he could lead his people to a new home, possibly get them outside the barrier with enough willpower.

Finally the Year of Death was over and as the scattered remnants of the Nightwolves regrouped and pressed forward, a new light seemed to shine down through the trees. Leviticus felt an air of pride as he led his warriors through the trees and onward to greater things.

This was only the beginning for them...


The full rank structure of the Nightwolves in known only by those who are within it. If a person has survived their variable tests and routines, then it is very possible that the leader and his second will allow the new person to join the clan.


The highest position that one can obtain in the Nightwolves. The Chief holds several different responsibilities and one is making certain that the tribe is completely and fully organized. This position means keeping a keen eye on all of the operations that are taking place in the Nightwolves and, if not performing their duties, they must answer to the current Chief. 

The Chief's word is absolute and cannot be questioned by anyone in the tribe unless said person is looking to challenge him or her openly. The Chief has the right to punish anyone disrespecting them as they see fit, the punishments can range from being waved off, punched, raped, or even death.


Second-in-Command, or SC, functions as an executive officer for the Nightwolves, taking care of or supervising day-to-day operations. Along with their cheif, they are not assigned to one specific operation. They generally only know the information that the chief feels they should know, but are still the second strongest in the Nightwolves and, in most cases, being groomed to take up the next position as Chief. In the case of a chief's death, departure, or other circumstances making him unable to perform his or her duties, the Second-in-Command acts as the "substitute chief" until another can be assigned or the Second-in-Command is simply given the position. The authority to appoint or dismiss a Second-in-Command lies solely with the Chief of the Nightwolves, a privilege which was granted to them with the support of the group and their own brute strength. Chiefs reserve the right to appoint multiple Seconds at a single time, though this is rarely done due to it being both considered highly unorthodox and heavily frowned upon by the entire tribe. Though rarely exercised, any potential candidate retains the right to decline the nomination.


Officers are the remainder of the Nightwolves which hold ranks at or below the Second-in-Command. The Chief and Second-in-Command have the highest of the ranks in the Nightwolves, technically being 1st and 2nd, respectively.

Next to that, there are several more warriors that hold a kind of seats (3rd-20th). In the Nightwolves, only one person can hold a senior officer rank (such as 3rd or 5th seat) which takes care of things like hunting parties and general wartime positions, but there are several holders of junior officer ranks (e.g. 20th seat).

This varies from tribe to tribe, for there are two 3rd Seats in the Nightwolves right now, Jacinta heading one of her own hunting parties. Officers often lead sub-units within the Nightwolves, a unit-specific duty that they oslely take care of. For example, a few of the women are officers in the way that they take care of fishing expeditions while another female might be heading a small day care for children of the hunters and warriors.


This rank is the most basic of ranks. This is the regular members of the Nightwolves, the housewives, children, elderly and even a few of the people that have been brought into the group and tested accordingly. 

Of them, a great example would be Mirah. The people who hold this rank are usually the tailors of the group, even ones who take care of the horses and help to pack things while they're getting ready to move again. There is no job that's meaningless and everyone has their own duty to perform, even if it's just a couple of children gathering sticks for the cooking fires with their mothers.

Slaves, Prisoners, and TestedEdit


Zero rights. 

Slaves are just that, slaves. They are not allowed to speak unless spoken to and they are generally frowned upon if they are seen without their owner. Slaves are normally nude to signify their ownership, the owners are allowed to brand their slaves with their initials or even their entire name.

The slaves serve the families of their owner and are usually found doing everything their owner commands unless they are freed. A slave can only be freed when their master presents them with clothing.

A slave must obey any commands given to them by their masters. At times, they may seem to desire to disobey these orders, but as their owner's word is law, they cannot and are punished according to what the owner sees fit.

In the past, slaves have been treated rather brutally by their owners. Slaves have no rights of their own and are looked on by the Nightwolves as mere servants; they are often made patsies for the crimes of their owners. Even several chiefs have not seemed to care much for the slaves and have used them as payment for things to traders for anything that the tribe needs. 


Just as the slaves, prisoners have zero rights at all. They are kept naked and in a large dog cage where the tribe normally would keep their horses. These people normally do not survive for long as the Nightwolves rarely feed them, they see no reason to keep a prisoner alive if the prisoner is not trying to stay alive. 

They are not bathed or given water at all, if they do happen to get any water at all, it is normally from rainfall in the area and that heavily depends on where they are. Some prisoners have been known to escape, like Targaryen Vanir, who is still being hunted down by Leviticus, who raped him and left him in the forest. 


Not to be confused with Prisoners but they do have a lot of the same principals. Tested are put in a cage without clothes and not given water or food until the chief or second-in-commands deems it appropriate. These tests can last for periods up to a month or even longer than that. It is done as an initiation proccess to see if the tested can survive in the Nightwolves. 

The tested is then taken out of the cage after their time is up and they are given clothes, food, and water. For a week, they are allowed to recooperate and regain their bearings and, once that week is up, they are given a choice. They must fight to leave or they can accept being taken care of as a member of the Nightwolves.

Once they accept, they are expected to obey the tribe's Chief and work to earn their place there.

Notable MembersEdit

Leviticus: Being the chief, Leviticus is one of the most notable members of the tribe. His strength and physique makes him very desireable for the few women that are in the tribe, as well as a few of the men. He has lead them in the way that he feels is necessary, fighting for survival in a harsh world while fighting off the demons that haunt him at night.

Since he is a Forsaken, he can identify with those that are of his Taint level with relative ease, which is part of what made it so easy for Hale to integrate into the tribe. This relativity helps the tribe in being able to acquire stronger people similar to Hale but it also makes it difficult when dealing with Forsaken who have come into contact with him.

Hale Tannim: A Forsaken who proved her worth the moment she stepped within their reach. Thrandr had openly mocked her hunting abilities and Hale remarked that the comments were made because of his small penile size, making the man attempt to rape her for the insult and disrespect. 

Like Thrandr's mother, Hale was very easily able to throw him over her shoulder and dislodge him from doing anything to her. Since then, she has become rather close to the Chief, much to Thrandr's dislike, and it has been said that she's regarded as Second-in-Command though she has done little to reflect this other than hunting and thwarting Thrandr at every turn. 

When she is around the Nightwolves, rape very rarely takes place in her presence. This is because she told Leviticus of what happened before she began to turn, making the man deem it completely fine for her to stop a rape if it's in her presence.

Thrandr: Second-in-Command of the Nightwolves who has a double-edged personality. He will pretend to respect Leviticus in public and around the man in private, but in truth, he simply is very sour that an outsider was able to become the Chief when Thrandr was supposedly promised the position. 

He heads a hunting party that is less successful than that of both Hale's and Jacinta's. He hates Hale and Targaryen with a burning passion but will never admit it aloud. Instead, he wishes to overcome both of them in his own way. He doesn't mind Jacinta as long as she stays out of his way and doesn't try to contest him.

Jacinta: The daughter of Godrid and one of the leaders of a hunting party. Jacinta works to keep herself in top shape while proving her worth every time she brings meat home to the tribe, she is incredibly skilled in hunting and does so with little effort.

She is considered an 'officer' in rank of the Nightwolves, making her rather valuable to the group, meaning that if she were lost to pregnancy, they would love a very valuable hunter and warrior. This being the biggest reason as to why she has not been subjected to pregnancy even though the tribe is heavily in need of offspring.

Targaryen Vanir: Technically, Eren is a missing member of the Nightwolves because of him having survived the test. He was hunted down by Leviticus and raped in the forest after being raped previously by Thrandr in the middle of the Nightwolves' camp.

Currently, he was recently bought as a slave by Marguerite Malachai and Gilean and is now in transit to Lower Milan. He was noting as being missing from the tribe and is being hunted down by Leviticus, who wants to have his tribesman back. 

Mirah (NPC): She is listed as a normal member of the Nightwolves, simply being one of the few women who is completely unable to reproduce not only due to age but because of her past. She makes several items for the tribe including clothing for the elderly, mothers, and underclothing for hunters and warriors. Mirah is very skilled in making cotton into clothing if she is able to get a hold of it. She is also rather fond of Targaryen in the short time he was present in the tribe.

Pren (NPC): Pren is a mute female Pure that is a prisoner within the Nightwolves. Pren’s purpose in the Nightwolves is very apparent by the higher ranked members as she is used simply to attract Forsaken and Corrupted during hunts, because of this she is usually taken along in a cage during hunting trips. Because of her time in the tribe she is one of the more respected prisoners thus she is one of the few that wears clothing and is treated with more respect than the other prisoners.  Because of her condition she is unable to properly communicate with the other members verbally, thus a few of the female’s in the tribe have taken to learning sign-language to communicate with her.