The Boy Without A Name
Status Alive
Race Level Tainted
Gender Male
Height 5'10'
Weight 135 lbs
Blood Type Type
Family If any
Base of Operations Zurich Zoo
Affiliation Water

Subject W is a Tainted survivor in Eden, living in the Zurich Zoo in a large tank of water.


Subject W is a very withdrawn young man who doesn't usually talk to people unless they speak to him. He has a great love for water and anything that's visibly water. He's okay around ice but finds the cold to be a bit too much for his smaller build. His strength is silent but he doesn't really talk about his past or anything that would potentially bother him for any reason at all. 

He is a taciturn and reserved individual. There's not a lot that he talks about but when he does, it's usually something that he just either wants to say or feels that should be said. Subject W is very good with observations since he normally remains silent but he's also guilty of assuming things a bit too early. He has a little confidence in his ability to assess situations as well as swimming and holding his breath under water, but little else.

Subject W doesn't know much about making friends. He would be very protective of them if he had any of them but he can sometimes be seen referring to people that take care of him in the Zoo as friends by accident. He doesn't refer to them as anything else because he's scared he'll hurt their feelings if he doesn't call them friends. 

His attraction to water is part of what caused the Zurich Zoo to grab a hold of him and put him on display. The young man never really cared where it was that he was at as long as he could just be in the water and even agreed to let them make him use his abilities for the amusement of anyone that was in the area. He'll swim in damn near anything with clean, clear water. He prefers his own fish tank which is seven feet long and around four feet wide.


Subject W is a tall boy with cyan eyes and cyan blue shoulder-fastened hair in a ponytail. His skin is pale and often looks waterlogged or pruned from the way that he stays in water more often than not, but there are very few blemishes on him. The only human-made marks on him that can be seen are 'surgical scars' put on him by Valhalla and the other Zoo-keepers that are in the place. 

From his taint, W has scales with a gradient of dark green to light blue up his legs from the tip of his feet to his calves, outer thighs and hips, as well as up to his elbows with his nails being scaled with tiny scales as well as sharp and brutal looking.

Whenever he's not in the water, one will find him in white trousers, a white shirt, beige vest and white jacket as he likes the color white. It's very possible that one could also see him wearing baggy trousers that are the color of cocoa and a black shirt wth a blue jacket. Other imes find he'll be in a T-shirt similar to the color of his eyes and hair.

When in the Icelands, one can find him in multi colored hoodies imported from Lyons. 



Faery by ladymorgil-d3ces3e

Mother; Kahlua

Subject W was born to a woman who was very passionate about the water in her homeland. Penacles was where she was born and, after her father, a fisherman who did his work in a lake very close to the city, died she was forced to leave the city with her mother. 

They had no idea where they were going to go but it was very easy for Kahlua's mother to find a group of traders heading into Lyons. The journey was far from easy and several of the traders' people ended up dying on the way over there. The desert was unforgiving and Kahlua immediately hated it. 

She and her mother ended up in Lyons after a month and a half's hard travel. Her mother was very excited to be in the city but Kahlua wasn't. She didn't like how dry it was and her sensitive skin was easily dried out in the wind around the area. 

Kahlua stayed in Lyons with her mother for almost sixteen years, having been five by the time she had arrived. The woman found that the place, over the years, simply wasn't what she liked. She missed the salty air and the beautiful view of the ocean but she didn't know which direction it was in. When she heard from traders that there were lands of water, she immediately took them up on it and went on with the traders caravan. 

It wasn't until she was near Zurich that Kahlua met up with a man who had mentioned he was looking for a woman who looked quite a bit like her but had a child. For a while, Kahlua wasn't all that upset about it but was much more interested in where it was that he was searching, she mentioned to him about the water-lands several times. The man didn't seem to know what she meant until she said she was looking for the frozen water-lands, making her feel like a simpleton.

Kahlua bonded with the man over a series of months, finding that they had shared a number of similar views that were normally a bit strange to others. There was one night where she shared everything with him and soon found that she had been lied to after telling him she was pregnant. The morning after she found out about her baby, the child's father had left her.



8 years old

Subject W was born and given the name of Kanani by his mother, who wanted him to be beautiful and handsome. Kahlua was able to spend almost nine months with her son before an infection took her life from her, making Kanani be put into the care of a midwife that was living nearby at the time. 

He was a happy child that was very dependent on water with a huge fixation on the liquid. His midwife felt that there might have been something wrong with him but that just wasn't the case. Kanani was just happy to be able to swim and be in water itself, he was very content to do so rather than go out and make friends.

Kanani attended what would have been a school in one of the slum areas which was really just a room in one of the subway cars underground, a woman teaching them by candle light. He found it to be boring even though he was a great student. He could read basic things like his name and count a bit better than most of the other students and was very good at figuring out anything to do with a very basic science but he was much more fascinated with marine life and the beliefs behind that. His guardian simply told him to stick to what they could teach him rather than chasing information they just didn't have. 

It wasn't until he was older that the young man could see why it was that he was so fascinated with it, he loved the water and anything in it. Kanani was a very strong swimmer and was very good at keeping his breath held underwater, the longest record for him being nearly forty-five seconds. After that, he would simply be unwilling to push it any further. 

Kanani's obsession with the water began to be an issue when his guardian was unable to get him out of the water for his schooling later on in life but the young teenager was already starting to rebel. 

He would swim in areas where the water was tainted from run-off of the dead Forsaken, Corrupted, and Horrors that were dying in the war. Their bodies were often put in a cage and they were either drowned by Humanists or chopped up and their remains put into the water. No one really fought against this and instead would often turn a blind eye to it. 

Kanani's guardian was trying ot keep him from being exposed to some kind of illness, not wanting him to get an infection or anything similar from being in the water. She didn't know that it would be what would get him either way.

When he was thirteen, Kanani injured his lower legs in a patch of broken glass that was in the water near his home. His lower legs were very injured and, in his haste to get out of the water, Kanani ended up with quite a bit of water from the stream being used on him. The young man's bloodstream was already carrying quite a few traces from the dead beasts that were often killed in the stream. 

It wasn't until he was able to walk again a few weeks later that Kanani returned to the stream where he found a young girl was there. He didn't know who she was but he didn't like her being there in his part of the stream. Being a little selfish, he asked her to leave and the girl did so, going to her older brother who was already very unlikeable in the area. The older brother was very aggressive with Kanani, beating him to a pulp and even holding his head under water. 

When the blue haired boy didn't pass out for a while, the older boy took a rock and slammed it into Kanani's skull to make him lose conscious. After a few minutes, the bubbles stopped coming from Kanani and, being afraid that he'd killed the boy, the older brother left with his sister. 

While he was facedown in the water, Kanani's body absorbed quite a bit more of the tainted water, his body being unable to filter the taint and Kanani was already beginning to change. His weakened body was pulled out of the water a few hours later, having turned over a few minutes after nearly being drowned. The guardian was contacted immediately and Kanani was being pulled from the water. 

He began to scream, claiming he was in pain from being removed from the water and wanted to be put back into it. The water from the stream itself began pulling him back by his ankles at his own request, making his guardian very upset.

Many of the people gathered around the area were afraid that there was something that was going on, that he had been claimed by some kind of sea monster in the water. 

The boy and sister who had done it to him were standing nearby and watching the entire event unfold, making the boy feel as if he had killed the young man himself. Kanani didn't speak about what it was that had happened to him in the day because he didn't remember. The time that it took for him to lose consciousness as well as the hit on the head stole his memory of who he was and the God's taint didn't help with this. He could barely remember who his guardian was and what the liquid was he was in.

His guardian was taken away from the area and the boy living in the pool of water was left relatively undisturbed at his body began to morph slowly over three years. It began with the injuries that were at his lower legs, leaving trails of scales in a gradient from deep green to hues of blue and white over his feet and up to his knees. Broken patterns of it moved up to his outer thighs and hips while the tips of his fingers were engulfed in long talon-like nails that were blue-green. From the tips of his fingers to his elbows, Subject W had small, shimmering scales. 

Zurich Zoo of FreaksEdit

Several had heard around the city of a young boy living in the water near the Humanists' dumping site but few could ever get him to speak to them. There was one, Valhalla, who managed to get the young swimmer's attention long enough to get him to listen. 

What was his name? He didn't know. 

Why was he in the water? This was a hard question for him to answer but W did, he said that he loved the feeling of being at peace with the water around him and would have rather been in it than out of it. He loved being able to feel as if he were floating but didn't much care of the thought of being thrown in the air for no real reason. 

Valhalla found this to be strange and wondered if he could get the young man to come with him to the Zoo. Of course, W didn't know anything about the Zoo, he had heard of it but didn't know anything about it that could really be used as any kind of answer. Valhalla offered the young man a place in the Zoo after watching him with the water as he was playing with it, finding it to be very enjoyable to watch. 

W didn't know what to answer with but simply allowed the man to scoop him out of the water and move with him through the city. W was in pain from being seperated from the water but it was very much mental for him, he didn't trust anything as much as he trusted water and, until he was at the Zoo, he was very uncomfortable. 

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When he was there, W was put into a long tank of water to be put on display the next day. He didn't seem to mind that people were watching him and he made certain that he was entertaining anyone that walked by even to the point that if he fell asleep in the water, it would move according to his dreams. 

Being there day and night was already getting a little annoying and W asked for Valhalla to get him a bigger tank, not liking how stagnant it was even as he tried to make the best of it. Valhalla told W to keep himself there and to just deal with the tank he was given but one of the proprietors of the Zoo mentioned to Valhalla that he wanted the small Tainted to turn to Forsaken, interested in seeing just what it was that the young man would turn into afterward. 

W has been in the Zurich Zoo for several weeks and has done well with ignoring the God's voice as long as he's in water. 

Valhalla noticed how comfortable he was a few days in and decided to get some root of the Mishikal Tree to use on W. He had been using the letter to call the boy, not bothering to learn or give him a new name. It took only three days for the root to get there and he took W off of the display floor. There were several others on display that understood what was going on but none of them had told W about what it was, it wasn't like he would have listened anyway. 

Being put into a room with literally zero water, W was already having trouble coming to terms with what was going on. He was shivering like an addict after being taken out of the water and, when the smoke from the Mishikal root being burned began to come from the vents, he was scared for his life. W was almost certain he was being killed for no real reason, gassed to death. It wasn't until the smoke began to affect him that the small male began to realize the reason for the root's use and he didn't much care for it. 

Valhalla took great joy in watching W as he struggled with the root while in the room alone, it wasn't until he noticed that W wasn't partaking in the 'sins of the flesh' that Valhalla began getting a bit annoyed. The 'scientist' wasn't used to people just not giving him what he wanted and so he introduced a Forsaken female to W while he was under the influence of the root. 

Shunya yamashita demon cropped
The woman was horribly disfigured because of Valhalla. 

Her horns had been broken off and burned. Her wings had been cut off and the stumps cauterized while the rest of her body was in pain from the constant stitching from Valhalla.

She was in agony and it was obvious from the way that she had jsut been plopped into the room with W, a fresh wave of the smoke entering the room via the ventilation system. The young man was unable to keep himself from going to her and touching her, even as the woman begged him not to. 

W didn't know himself and soon after, the woman didn't know herself either. Both of them being victim of Valhalla's little game, they ended up doing exactly what he wanted them to. After the root began to wear off, W had put himself in one of the corners, not trusting himself while in the room with the woman. She was very upset at what had happened but not enough to scream at W, she understood exactly what it was that had happened even if she didn't want to. 

Once she was removed, W was already coming down off of the high, his body trembling as he begged to be put back into his water tank. Valhalla just watched him as he laid there and said nothing. The blue haired young man was having a horrible time of it, his body shaking several hours even after the roots effect was gone. This made Valhalla very curious and he kept W in the dry room for much longer. 

Hours passed and W was on the verge of tears, begging as hard as he could manage to beg. It wasn't until midnight that night that Valhalla burned more of the root. This time, W didn't even fight it, letting it wash over him as he began to enjoy the high. 

W was under the influence of the drug for nearly two hours, silent as if he were in his water and simply laying and staring at the ceiling with a neverending blush on his face. 

Valhalla managed to find one of the Tainted from the Forsaken Army that was nearby in the area before paying the man to come with him. He had paid the man a hefty price to be able to hold the experiment on the new subject in the Zoo. This man, Valhalla knew, was very much into young men like Subject W and, after locking the two of them up in the room, Valhalla took notes as W was the first to initiate contact between the two of them. It was surprising to him that W was even willing to do it but Valhalla was being silly. He had forgotten the root! 

At this, Valhalla just kept pumping the room full of the smoke from the root for almost three days, nearly starving W and his companion before letting the Tainted from the army out before W. The man was given food and water as well as a room to recuperate in, W was not. Instead, W was simply taken back to his tank of water and put back on display within a few hours of his stint in the room. Sore and in tears, W took solace in the water but it was cruelly interrupted by his growing addiction to the root that made him shiver and shake. 

It was because of this that Valhalla agreed to give W two days a week in the room with the root so that he wouldn't end up hurting himself or others. W is now addicted to the root after having been subjected to it twice a week for six weeks at varying hours, meaning that he doesn't care who is put into the room with him. He does, however, become a bit nasty when he doesn't have his time in the room with the root, that being the only thing that can convince him to come out of the water in his tank. 

W is ashamed of it but he has to have that feeling. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fighting Style: Subject W doesn't really fight. Instead, he uses his water manipulation to be able to make beautiful patterns of suspended water. If he were to fight, he would use water to try and drown his opponent instead of sharpening it like a sword. He has no actual formal training other than what he's been able to do through using his hands and arms in order to make the water move.

Special Skills: Subject W can hold his breath under water for around forty-five seconds but no longer than that.

Water CarnivalEdit

Subject W can pull moisture from the area as well as shape and manipulate water, gas (steam, water vapour), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to other. W is only powerful enough as he is to be able to manipulate physical water, nothing more than that and can harden the body of water by manipulating water pressure within it.

Later on, he could possibly control very small water currents for a short amount of time, create medium sized whirlpools, move or lift water, ice, vapor, etc. at nearly any speed whether in/on surface, air or water.

Water WhipEdit

Name Water Whip
Type Offensive
Cost Moderate
Stat Dexterity and Focus
Range Mid to Long Range

Subject W can create a water whip by manipulating the water molecules to be able to create a lashing tendril of water to swipe at an opponent or whoever he perceives to be a threat. The shape, size, and length are all determined by his ability to focus and control it. If he were a bit more powerful, he could larger whips, or ones of greater finesse. The whip can be sharpened into a blade that can slice through metal with relative ease, however, Sunject W has not learned how to do this.

Bubble HeadEdit

Name Bubble Head
Type Utility
Cost Moderate
Stat Focus and Endurance
Range Close
Fleur Delacour Underwater

The Bubble Head ability was named after a librarian in Zurich told Subject W about a work of old work fantasy that had something of a similar name.

The ability is very effective for breathing underwater or in any environment where fresh air is at a premium, allowing one a supply of oxygen. It causes a protective bubble to form about W's head, like a helmet; this bubble may allow for underwater exploration or to avoid nasty smells.

In the films, the charm creates a bubble around the mouth and nose, similar to an oxygen mask, not the entire head. It's transparent and the face of the person it is used on can easily be seen however it is difficult for them to be heard if they're talking. W has used this sparingly, trying to do what he can to strengthen his own lungs to be able to be able to be underwater without having to resort to using it.


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DEX 10
FCS 10
Base points 40
Earned 0 (Link to be added...)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 40


Character DevelopmentEdit

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