"Such a beautiful creature, you immediately want to try and pet it. And you can imagine why it's eggs are so highly prized, to have a pet Roc would be a great thing. But god forbid you let that fool you..."


A large and beautiful bird, the Roc has little to fear, and is often seen flying above the cliffs around the Sea, even diving down to get food of it's own. In the rare cases it's domesticated, it can even be ridden, though in captivity they rarely grow to an appropriate size for that.

The Roc can often be seen picking fish from the sea, and digging caves into the side of the cliff. These caves are then filled with scraps of clothing, tree branches, anything that can be used to make a nest. However, these scraps of clothing are not always taken from trash or fallen humans, and during mating season one should always be wary of these large birds, who have been known to attack humans for clothing, baubles, or even self-defense if the human unknowingly comes too close to the cave that serves as their nests.

Survival GuideEdit

Set them on fire. Rocs make good eatin'.

Don't wear jewlery. Rocs, like Magpies of old, have a fascination with shiny objects, and the younglings will often try to steal a necklace or a ring, and I've seen too many people complaining of scratched faces or missing fingers over such attacks.

Don't stray from the Gryphon's Keep. The place is probably an old nesting ground, but is the only really safe destination at the cliffs during mating season, the rest is likely to be considered as a Roc's territory.