The BeginningEdit

Man has always sought to understand the world around him, to grow and learn so that he may prosper. Eventually man grew bold, he wished to read the mind of his creator, to read the mind of god, a god that did not exist. But man kept on, it charged forth seeking to discover the secrets of the the universe. Eventually it began tearing at the very fabric of the universe itself in an experiment at the research facility dubbed 'CERN'. And from this act, man did not read god's mind, but rather conceived god.

In god’s birth, his light ravaged the world, killings billions of people and ‘blessing’ millions more. Upon awakening, the infantile god looked upon the death in the world and took it upon itself to take the wandering souls and bring them back to life as it saw fit.

But as will any infant, its creations were rough and twisted representations of its intent. The newly resurrected were warped caricatures of humanity, corrupted in both body and soul. They screamed relentlessly, shrieking in pain, wishing only for death to escape the endless madness and suffering that was their mind.

These horrors began wandering the earth, seeking some reprieve. They slaughtered yet more humanity, dwindling down the populations. Eventually society crumbled entirely, relegated to roaming tribes and clans. Each seeking to survive through the day in an inhospitable world that only wishes to see whatever humanity remains, completely destroyed.

When finished with this game God become bored. So naturally it created itself a sand pit, an area that it could track and watch human life develop and jump in to cause discord wherever it saw fit. THis was done by creating a barrier, 450km in radius with its center at CERN. The barrier does not allow anyone to pass, instead forcing the last few thousand members of the human race to live out their days in the tetramorph landscape of 'Eden'.