Mishikal Tree

"A rare and beautiful tree I use for a lot of the medicine I use. Unfortunately, it's also highly prized by drug dealers and sex slaving morons who don't know it's proper usage."


The roots of this tree are highly prized, with several uses to them. When cut up and dried out, the roots are rather harmless, and make for a good spice.

When set on fire, the smoke created from these roots can be inhaled as a powerful aphrodisiac.

When ground into a paste, the roots can be used recreationally. The paste is put on paper, or even bread, and can be put on the tongue. Doing this will make everything come much clearer to the embiber, senses heightened, feelings heightened, everything enhanced.

The petals on the flowers of the tree have the exact opposite effect, working as an anesthetic, allowing the recipient to stay awake while going completely numb.

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