Mirah is an NPC in the Nightwolves. (WIP)

Mirah (NPC)
3e885baf0943edcbb33cbae263bf3327-d5hdduv“No one deserves to be caged like an animal.”
Status Alive
Reddit Username Username
Race Level Tainted
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Weight 150
Blood Type Type
Base of Operations Nomadic
Affiliation Nightwolves


She has dark brown hair hazel eyes and tan skin. Her hair is wild and dry and tied in small sections at random spots. She is covered in tribal tattoos and stands at about 5'6 and weighs about 150. She normally wears tattered pieces of clothing and has several scars in her stomach from where her baby was ripped from her by a Horror during the Year of Death.


Mirah is a sympathetic woman having a very established outlook on her tribe and its traditions. She is one of the few women of the tribe to have a great deal of opinions about some of the tribe’s long-term traditions. She has shown courage and talked to Levi about the things she doesn’t like and has actually had some influence in the changes that Levi has made to the tribe all together. Mirah is a selfless woman always looking to help the people around her however she is also able to take care of herself. She isn’t afraid to speak when her voice is needed and won’t shy away from a physical altercation if it means defending her opinions. A good explanation for why Mirah is so eager to help other people is because of her lone wolf nature; she has always found it hard to fit in and has had trouble finding a mate that appreciates her. Because of her lonely nature she at times can be seen keeping to herself or watching from a distance, but this doesn’t stop her from piping up when she feels it necessary. There is also a sadness that is projected from Mirah, one that is directly connected to the loss of her child. It's also safe to say that she can't find a new mate because the other males in the tribe are afraid of her infertility and heavy opinionated ways.


Backstory! The good stuff




“I see great change on the horizon.”