The Governor's Daughter
2010-07-19-304698“There is an innocence in admiration: it occurs in one who has not yet realized that they might one day be admired.”
Pronunciation Mu-at
Status Alive
Reddit Username InnocentDreamers
Race Level Touched
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Family Chione Malachai


Base of Operations Millan
Affiliation Family
Strength 6
Dexterity 10
Endurance 9
Focus 8
Resilience 9
Accuracy 8


Maggie stands at a rather non-feminine five foot eight inches and looks to have a more lean form rather then curvy - although in all reality she is actually hiding quite the little figure. If you manage to enter her sanctuary you’ll find she keeps such a slender form with quite a lot of help from a corset like thing that flattens her chest, it’s one of the reasons she has such an acerbic tongue at times. Unfortunately she finds the smaller the chest, the more polite the tongue of others.

Her skin usually looks pale and porcelain doll like with not a blemish to be seen. Her coloring only enhances the fragility that she seems to radiate, even if it's tempered by a spine of steel and a quick mind.

Other then her "feminine" figure, it's her face that really catches the eyes of the men - and even some women - in Millan. She has beautiful long hair that reaches mid thigh but is never seen loose out of her bedroom, and is always perfectly coiffed with maybe a few loose strands around the face, something that serves to draw more attention to her face.

Her beautiful blue eyes - which seem to reach almost every spectrum of blue from midnight to gray blue depending on the light - are large soft looking pools of light and dark, showing many people an innate kindness that draws them in. Her lips are a shell color - shapely with just the right amount of pout to make both her father and brother roll their eyes but ultimately give in - and are rarely seen without a small, secret smile that is more kind then stern.

She has a stubborn little chin that she just loves to stick up in the air whenever her brother irritates her, along with the petite little nose that usually leads the way. Her cheeks and the bone structure of her face would make many swear that she had royalty in her vein, or at least they swear she could. But above all else, it's the bearing of a kind woman in a world were kindness is dead - even in her own life - that makes most people smile and wave.


Mag's is very two-sided, she is the very definition of a double sided personality but not a split-personality like disorder, this is very much something she does on purpose.

On the one hand Marguerite is very much the perfect daughter and lady. She listens to her father, she does as she’s instructed, she rarely argues with him, and she “looks down” on anyone less then her… of course this is all in public when her father is watching. In public she is exactly what her father wants her to be, the opposite of her mother.

The flip side, the side that she tries to stem, of what is Maggie… she’s got a very quick tongue, she adores arguing, she loves spontaneity. She hates obeying, or anything to do with the word obey, and she feels a “physical” pain in her spine every time she forces herself to “bend” to her father’s will. She’s slightly crazy and tempestuous and doesn't care about the social structure in the least.

Other then that, Maggie is just... Maggie. She loves to read and draw and she's been known to sit for hours just silently entertaining herself as her brother worked on his projects and her twin sister sang and danced and schemed. She never really had the urge to go out and explore the world as her sister did, but that didn't mean she didn't want to learn. Above all else, Maggie loves learning. She can also be quite shy when embarrassed, but otherwise she's considered very kind, especially considering her father has been known to be... very harsh towards anyone who goes against him.


Megurine luka by nipuni-d4asplk


A man by the name of Augustus Malachai the first who held a single goal in life... running and controlling all of Millan's lower city, a magical city protected from the young horror that was slowly covering the New Earth - so aptly names Eden. It took the man many years, but finally he grew old enough, gained enough favors, procured enough assistance to take over the lower city and create what he wanted... a haven of learning and debonair grace.  He wanted the life he read about in books, the life of polite and mannerly grace, the socializing at gatherings instead of getting drunk and having random sex, the grace and charm and all the other things the one worn book he owned showed. He wanted it all... so that's exactly what he took. For many years he shaped his heaven exactly how he wanted, allowing those with "breeding and grace" into his palace, and banning any he felt were crude or took the feeling of royalty from the air.

Of course he realized early on that if he wanted a society of cultured people, he needed others to care for them. A cultured human shouldn't have to fix their own food or fetch their laundry... and thus came about his realization that he would need to allow those up-worlds into his under-world heaven. So he decided that servants - as they were termed in his book - were the best course.

Fast forward quite a few generations and you reach the current Augustus Malachai the third - only the second man of his family who was graced with the title since the first Augustus. Now, not only is the under-world of Millan completely controlled by people who hold good breeding - occasionally littered with those of "middle class" with skills that are needed - but it has also never been penetrated by the Corrupted, Horrors, or the diseased Pure that inhabit the world.

At twenty five the man known as Governor Augustus was content with his role as high judge of Millan's lower world, safe in the knowledge that his home was the pinnacle of what anyone in Eden wanted to enjoy. They were the creme de la crop and nothing could ruin it for him, but he needed to have a son to keep their rein so none of the plebeians - even if they were considered his peers, he was still royalty - could destroy his world his family had tried so hard to build. They had a library, learning, government, safety... now he needed a son to pass that on to. And so enters Aaliyah.


Aaliyah was a beautiful woman... an exotic woman of the desert tribe to be specific. The daughter of a leader... a princess in her own right... a princes turned slave, bought by Augustus Malachai himself actually.

Now Aaliyah truly was a comely thing. She had darker skin then most people of the Ice had ever seen, and hair as pale as the snow she detested. Her eyes looked like blue orbs of ocean and she had curves that even the perfect Augustus drooled over, even her taller then average height didn't detract from the picture of beauty. She was the opposite of all the other women of the ice, the shorter, slimmer, vividly pale women.

And so Augustus decided that rather then just posses her, he would get his son from her. Her family was known to breed strong warriors, the woman had promised the wrath of her family if she was not released after all... and so he took her and wed her as only a man who owned the people could. No one contested it, actually most believed the woman the most lucky being on the planet... showered in jewels and cloth that only those in Millan had access to... no the woman was treasured, not a prisoner.

And so Aaliyah was kept a prisoner by a man she detested. When she got pregnant, she prayed to her ancestors that she would not give the man his son... she prayed every night, every morning, throughout the day... "Do not give this man his son, a warrior for this man would end the world." And then she waited.

Finally the day came and she gave birth not to a son like all suspected - as only a son could round a woman's stomach so - but instead two beautiful daughters.

Choine and Marguerite Malachai... at least in Augustine's tongue. Aaliyah - being the holy believer she was, gave her daughters the name her ancestor's (not the voice of God, but rather a dream) bestowed upon them. Mariasha - or the "Perfect one, bitter with sorrow" - and Maat - or "Goddess of Justice and Peace". With their true names given, Aaliyah allowed her children to be taken from her breast.


Maggie and Chione grew up as most twins do, one became out going and the life of the party, while the other mostly faded into the background - in Maggie's case, happily. Unfortunately it was one of the few things they shared with the twins they'd ever known about. In all the stories it was talk about how the twins all looked similar, so there must have been something wrong with Maggie because - while Chione was a short, slim little things who looked her young age - Maggie seemed to mature faster and was growing much taller then her little sister.

As the years went by, Chione became the star in their father's life while Maggie learned from her mother things that her father would be furious about if he learned his children knew. But he never found out... He did not know that the looked over twin was secretly helping her mother get the help to escape, that she was going to go with her mother, that they were going to find her mother's family and leave for good... but it never happened.

Instead Maggie watched as she and her mother were captured by big bad Tainted soldiers and drug in front of a very angry Governor. Maggie watched in horror as her mother - the only one of her two parents who'd ever shown her love - was told to run. She thought her mother free - finally happy - when suddenly two arrows sprung up from her back and the woman fell. They left the woman there and drug the child back home, warning her that if she told anyone of what had occured - or even went against the story her father told - she would regret it. That included her sister.

So everyone fawned over the poor man whose little wife ran away and left him with two children to raise. He was even more beloved then he had been before, and he reveled in it, and his children got older, and life was perfect... and then it got even better with the rumors of a monster hiding out.

Konachan-com-77432-hatsune miku-megurine luka-vocaloid

The monster turned out to be nothing more then a pregnant Pure, but instead of killing the woman, he fell in love with her, kept her, and allowed her to teach his children while he waited to see what the child would be.

And so the days grew colder and the nights grew longer and finally the boy was born... the boy the man wanted, and all was perfect. His daughters were four and he had a son to teach if he didn't get another... nothing could go wrong. 

And so Maggie, Chione, and baby Gilean grew up and became the beloved children of the Governor - even the boy that was not his. They were taught by Gilean's mother, Isis and had full run of everything. Nobody could refute the children of the governor after all. And while Chione used this to get whatever she wanted, Maggie merely hid herself away in a private area of the library.

As the girl grew older, her hair grew darker, her eyes grew sadder, and her form became more and more like her mothers every day. Soon she looked like a paler, darker haired version of the late - and hated - Aailyah while Chione looked like Governor Augustus's late - and most beloved - sister. But the - now eleven - year old girl did not mind for it was not the fault of the people, but the fault of her father who was a liar and a very bad man.

The twins and their brother grew older, closer, but it was clear that it was them and Maggie, not all of them. Of course the others did not understand this reasoning, but there were things they did not know... things such as the fact that the man that they loved was truly a monster. The fact that Maggie merely wanted to escape and finish her mother's quest to find their people, and that Maggie secretly didn't even consider herself the Governor's daughter, but rather the daughter of Aailyah. There was many things she hid from her siblings, but they'd never know.

  • Six
  • Nine
  • Eleven
  • Twelve
  • Thirteen
  • Fourteen
  • Fifteen
  • Sixteen
  • Seventeen
  • Eighteen

When the girls hit puberty, suddenly Maggie blossomed... she grew to her mother's height - towering over her shorter sister - and developed the same form that had drawn her father's eyes to Aailyah to begin with. It worked on the boys of Millan as easily as it had Agustus, and suddenly she remembered her mother warning her about the greed of men. Instead of reveling in the attention as her slimmer, shorter, but still stunning sister was doing, Maggie decided to cover herself, conceal it, and make them leave her be. She never wanted to endure her mother's fate... trapped by a cruel man, to do with as he pleased. Never.


So Maggie got older, she grew wiser, she got prettier... and then life ended. When she was twenty years old, it all just came crashing down on her head in a way she never could have anticipated.

While she was never as close as Gilean and Chione, she almost felt like the one who protected her wild, reckless sister. Whenever the girl got her heart broken, it was Maggie she cried on. Whenever she wanted to rage, she had Maggie to soother her. Maggie took the place of mother for Chione, and so Maggie took up the mantle of protector. She soothed her twin sister's broken hearts, dispelled her angry outbursts, and cuddled her sister when she cried out to know the reason she didn't have a mother like Gilean. So when a runner came and told her that a corrupted had gotten her barely twenty year old twins sister and worse, that she was dying, it broke Maggie's heart.

MegurineLuka zps578dc60c

The woman ran as fast as she could, but it was all in vain as she watched her twin sister die. Of course when her brother and father said they were going to try and... heal her, Maggie was appalled. She waited until she got her father alone in their giant library to tell him all that, but for not. She'd seemingly forgotten that Chione was the beloved one and she... she was the essence of her mother. So instead of fighting, she bowed her head and left her father's presence, the words of her mother "He who plots before battle is the victor", ringing in her head.

And so she waits, sneaking in to visit with her corrupted sister, promising she would free the woman from outside the cell... telling her stories that she'd never before shared that their mother had once shared... but it doesn't matter, Chione is gone and now... now all she can do is plot and plan a way to set her sister free as their mother's people would wish.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Arms and armour - europe 20101126 1034616383
Fighting Style: 
Maggie doesn't fight. Actually she's not a huge fan of violence. Of course that will happen to a person who watched their father put two arrows in their mother's back. This does not mean she cannot fight. Don't think just because it's a pretty face, that you can manhandle her and get away with it, her mother taught her well - for the few short years she had with her, as well as the man she... convinced to help her daughter - and she continued teaching herself for years after.

Now, Maggie can't pick up a bow and immediately shoot every target dead on, nor can she swing a sword with the best of them... oh no, Maggie's skill lies in a much more... delicate weapon. Maggie's weapon of choice is what is known as a Stiletto.

A stiletto is a knife or dagger with a long slender blade and needle-like point, primarily intended as a stabbing weapon. The stiletto blade's narrow cross-section and acuminated tip reduces friction upon entry, allowing the blade to penetrate deeply. Some consider the stiletto a form of dagger, but most stilettos are specialized thrusting weapons not designed for cutting or slashing, even with edged examples.

Verum Nexum (Locked)Edit

The True Connection

Maggie's taint has nothing to do with violence or staying hidden or various other abilities that are meant to protect you with your own powers, hers are much more subtle means of safety. Maggie's taint is about connection on a deeper level, one that causes the person she connects with to feel things such as she experiences them. Unfortunately she does not have the focus needed to connect with multiple people - or even a few people - unless she has a powerful and deep connection.

There are many different ways this connection works - also many different things that come of this connection - but the most important is the way the connected individual's senses are connected to her own senses, though bodily damage is not transferred in a physical sense, only in a mental sense.

  • Aliquam De Visum [Connection of Sight] - Maggie connects to another purely sight to sight. The person on the other end can see what she is seeing though they cannot hear, feel, smell, or taste anything that they can.
  • Aliquam De Ausculto [Connection of Sound] - The person she's connected to can hear anything that she is hearing. If there is screaming, it can even pierce the eardrums of the connected individual if it is bad enough. That, of course, is very rare since her own voice cannot cause it and it would harm her much more then the one connected.
  • Aliquam De Spiro [Connection of Scent] - Just as it seems, the person she connects with can smell what she does. If she is choking on smoke, they would smell the smell - possibly even choke on it in a reactive way - though it would not harm them.

Aliquam De SomaEdit

Name Aliquam De Soma [Connection of Body]
Type Defensive
Cost Moderate
Stat Focus
Range Short

What happens...

When Maggie connects to another person on a physical level, their body will experience that which her own is experiencing. If she is in pain, they will feel the pain - the bruises and the blood - but they won't experience it themselves. So even though it feels like they should be pouring blood from their mouth and bruises should be littering their body, they will have no physical evidence of the pain they are feeling. 

If the person inflicting the pain continues, every blow that is given will be felt and heightened depending on the fear levels that may heighten the pain in her own body. When she disconnects, they may or may not continue feeling the pain depending on how resilient they are to such damage, though it will be "phantom" or "ghost" pains and no real damage will actually be done.

The connected individual is able to perceive feelings from her perspective. Basically her brainwaves fall into sync with them and they feel what she feels, similar to a wireless network connection. It is truly the only ability she has that can be adequately used in battle.

Aliquam De AnimaEdit

Name Aliquam De Anima [Connection of Soul]
Type Passive
Cost High
Stat Focus
Range Long

The connected individual is able to step into Maggie's dream world. Basically her brainwaves fall into sync with them and they are forced into her sleeping state. In this state anything can happen, but it's not reality so once they step out of it, it's just... gone. In this world she can say, do, feel anything, but she can't stay there and neither can they. Not only that but it drains her to a state where - if dont over a period of several weeks - she will easily fall to ill to even wake herself one day. Basically she will end up so weak she cannot escape the dream world, but it will not matter because she cannot pull anyone in either. She will walk it completely alone and end up wasting away and dying.


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DEX 11
RES 11
Base points 50
Earned 0 (Link to be added...)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 50


  • Maggie's playby is the character from a Japanese creation called Vocaloid. Her name is Luka Megurine.


  • "Love I completely understand, it is hatred that puzzles me. I do not comprehend finding pleasure in cruelty."
  • “The trouble is not really in being alone, it is being lonely. One can be lonely in the midst of a crowd, do you not think?”
  • “Betrayal is never easy to handle and there is no right way to accept it.”
  • “The real question is... can you love the real me? Not the perfect person you want me to be, not that image you had of me, but who I really am.”
  • “She did not know how to love, to give herself to someone, to put herself in someone else's keeping and take him into hers. She did not trust anyone with her heart - or the darker places of her soul.”
  • “There were a thousand secrets in her eyes, a thousand wounds. A lifetime of distrust and betrayal. Isolation. How did one overcome such things?”


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