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Resize44"Everyone has a price- mine is just a bit higher!"
Status Alive
Reddit Username Username
Race Level Forsaken
Gender Female
Height 5'5
Weight 100
Family If any
Base of Operations Living Quarters of --
Affiliation faction
Partner Fighting or lover

Lilith is a survivor in Eden and is well known for her transportation services; at a high price she can get you "almost" anywhere you need to be within the dome.


Lilith is a petite female with short black hair and crystal blue eyes. Lilith is rather pale looking and this isn’t because of any specific reason other than that she has sensitive skin. She doesn’t have the type of skin that tans, instead if she is in the sun she gets burnt so normally she is very pale. Her facial features are best described as rather cute, not divinely beautiful or any of that. She’s just cute and most people even female can make that distinction. Another trait that is very apparent on her is her oversized breasts, something that is a gift and a curse. She has a lot of back issues because of her petite size in comparison with her breasts so often one will hear her complaining about them. Lilith also has a fox tail and ears which are both a result of her corruption level. For clothing Lilith doesn’t wear a whole lot, she likes to be more exposed and free, which fits really well with her free spirited nature. She is normally seen wearing little to no clothing or outfits that expose a lot of skin. Lilith stands at 5’5 and weighs a feeble 100 pounds.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Psychic PhenomenonEdit

Astral ProjectionEdit

Name Astral Projection
Type Utility
Cost Medium
Stat Stat Association
Range Long


Name Telekinesis
Type Offensive, Utility
Cost Mild
Range Close, Long

Lilith has the ability to move objects around her with her mind. This is however limited, the heavier the object the more energy required. She normally uses this ability to manipulate her daggers or simply for utility purposes. If she abuses her power too much she will get a nose bleed or even a headache, it just depends on the cerebral feat she is trying to take on. If Lilith is using this ability to hold multiple objects at once, it’s very easy for her to lose concentration thus resulting in loss of control. For clarification, this ability can’t be used to move another role-players character without permission and even with permission it’s very difficult for Lilith to telekinetically manipulate another person unless they are unconscious or are willing, it’s just too difficult to maintain control of something that is resistant.


(Cannot stress this enough, this is not a smash em up RP, this is a survival RP, you are the weakest link, if you invest in fighting too much you will not live very long.)

{{{strength bonus}}}{{{dexterity bonus}}}{{{endurance bonus}}}{{{focus bonus}}}{{{resilience bonus}}}{{{accuracy bonus}}}
STR  ?
DEX  ?
FCS  ?
RES  ?
ACC  ?
Base points 40
Earned 0 (Link to be added...)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 40






Character DevelopmentEdit

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