Leviticus (Levi), the perpetual warrior and purveyor of judgment, his wrath is unmatched and his pride unquenchable. He is the beloved leader of the Nightwolves and a survivor in the end.

Passionate Warrior
Anime1“You stand before me as a warrior yet you reek of pusillanimity.”
Status Alive
Reddit Username BookOfLeviticus
Race Level Advanced Tainted
Gender Male
Height 6'6
Weight 190
Family Sabree (Stepmother), Erabel (Mentor/Father figure) Godrid (Mentor/Father Figure),Hale
Base of Operations Nomadic
Affiliation Nightwolves
Previous Affiliation Random Forest Tribe
Partner Thrandr (Battle Partner)
Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Endurance 10
Focus 12
Resilience 9
Accuracy 9



Extends across his entire back.

Leviticus is a tall man with a defined physical physique; his body is chiseled and toned from years of intense physical training, having broad shoulders, distinct biceps and refined abs. He stands at a towering 6’6 and weighs 190 pounds of mostly muscle. His skin is very pale but this is mostly from having been hidden under the cover of darkness for so long. He if very handsome visually, having sharp masculine features and penetrating orange eyes. His eyebrows are very intense and give him a brooding look that can capture the attention of others. He often carries an overall look of dominance on his face and can definitely be considered an "alpha-male" as he often describes himself.
Tattoo tribal 3

Side of his left eye (tattoo).

His hair is silver like the moon and reaches his lower back. During casual situations he will allow for his wild hair to fall free, however during battle he is known to tie it back to keep it from getting in the way. Despite his masculinity Leviticus is very sensitive about his hair and is often much more intimate and approachable while being groomed.

For clothing Levi almost never wears a shirt, as he finds solace in being exposed to frigid air. He does however wear a single shoulder plate of armor which is held by a belt across his chest this shoulder plate extends down his right arm and forms a gauntlet with rough edged claws for slicing his prey. And for bottoms he will wear black cloth pants and will accessorize his bottom half with pieces of armor if he is heading into a battle. Raiden has a large tribal tattoo extending across his entire back as well as having a tribal tattoo underneath his left eye. Levi’s right hand is demonic looking in nature as a result of God’s influence. The skin on the hand itself is rugged in nature and has a purplish color as well as razor sharp claws which correlate with the gauntlet he wears on it. Levi also has retractable fangs.

Style: Leviticus has a very particular sense of style often mixing silver plate armor with black fabrics to complete his look or whatever it is he plans to wear. He loves armor in general, as it is something he takes pride in when polished correctly he also likes how it feels to carry the heavy plate of  armor. For fabrics black is something he finds to be quite simple and normally doesn’t mix and match it with anything other than silver. He doesn’t like overly bright colors and often will lean towards colors that are darker when faced with a decision based on color. Solid colors are normally what he picks and won’t really stick his neck out for prints. When it comes to accessories he is very casual and normally doesn’t over accessorize. He finds too much jewelry or unneeded objects to be ridiculous, thus the only accessory he is ever seen wearing is a stud ear ring.


Leviticus is a passionate man his passion taking on the form of rage which he focuses into a very intense, dominating ego. He has an alpha-male complex that often shines through in nearly every situation, unless he is humbled by someone he has feelings for. His intensity can often be overbearing for weaker personalities who lack confidence or understanding. Leviticus has the ability to maintain a level-headed attitude during degrading situations however he has been known to lose this control when faced with conflicting emotions. Because Levi is so fueled by unsystematic rage he can often lose sight of his path as he becomes so focused on the final destination or goal of whatever he is trying to accomplish. Leviticus is very particular about being challenged and when his leadership or ego is challenged he will stop at nothing to defend it. He has a tendency of becoming arrogant and aggressive when he doesn’t like someone or is simply in a bad mood despite this though he is bearable for some who enjoy the other side to his personality, which is his charm.

On good days when Levi is in control of his rage and focused he can be quite charming. He has a way with words that can often help him out of tough situations. He also has a very hungry gaze to his eyes that can make some people feel quite special when making eye contact with them. He also has the ability to speak with softness to his voice that disregards everything he is. But even with all his charm he can easily be influenced the wrong way. Someone saying something wrong or giving him the wrong look can easily send him on a rampage; because of this some may feel unsure of themselves when around him or weary of doing something wrong to set him off.

Leviticus has an obsession with proving ones worth and will force this on people who demand his respect. If they want his respect then they must prove they deserve it. Leviticus is also a very brave man and is willing to risk his life to accomplish goals. He has a very stubborn will that can withstand the toughest of storms. He is also quite intelligent and is an impressive strategist and problem solver, however when it comes too intense emotional conflicts he may find himself lost.


  • Winning: Leviticus loves winning or accomplishing his goals. When he is successful with something it will often feed his ego and he may smirk or say something arrogant. Even when it’s simply being successful on a mission or surviving a life-threatening situation, he still manages to get hot-headed when he wins.
  • Sex: Like any man Leviticus loves to play under the bed-sheets and doesn’t have a particular type when it comes to gender. Whatever catches his eye or turns him on he is willing to make love too.
  • Spiritual: Leviticus is slightly spiritual; however it’s more of a recent thing that has much to do with being a Tainted. With the voices in his dreams becoming more excessive he has slowly began to comfort himself with the sounds as a means of maintaining control. He isn’t the type to be cynical about different religious views and will take the time to hear people out if whatever it is isn’t totally ridiculous.
  • Grooming: Leviticus is a clean man and takes pride in having his hair brushed and washed as well as smelling delicious at all times. He also takes pleasure in being groomed only because the intimacy is nice.
  • Armor: Leviticus has an obsession with armor, particularly Silver Armor. He won’t wear a big suit but will occasionally add small pieces to his body for extra protection. He also enjoys polishing it.  
  • Competition: Leviticus loves a good competition, if it means there is a chance for him to feed his ego he will jump at the idea of it, unless of course it goes against his goals.
  • Domination: Leviticus is a very dominate person and likes to show his domination by humiliating his victories. This trait is something he picked up while with the Nightwolves. Rape is one of the many forms of domination that the Nightwolves practice.


  • Fools: Leviticus hates foolish people, especially people that say or do dumb things without thinking.
  • Weakness: Leviticus hates weakness and doesn’t mind verbalizing how much he hates it. He especially hates cowards who run away from a fight, those who demand respect but haven’t earned it and those who let their life stagnate, he views it all as weakness and it disgusts him.
  • Bright Colors: This isn’t a super apparent dislike, but he will often lean towards darker colors.
  • Birds: Can’t stand them, hates the way they sound.
  • Disrespect: He absolutely hates disrespect, if someone disrespects him or something important to him he tends to became enraged and my hit something.


Growing UpEdit

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Leviticus's birth mother

Leviticus was born under a moonlit sky to a nameless mother of little worth. His eyes were a mysterious orange and his face glimmered in the moonlight. But it was no secret that he and his mother were both castaways. What nobody would notice at first sight was that the rather plain looking mother was a runaway from a tribe that had sentenced her to death for carrying a Touched child. She herself had been corrupted by the influence of god. It was this corruption that had driven her to leave her newborn baby alone in the cold, damp forest with only the protection of a moss covering from the frigid air. His nameless mother was unimportant, her only significance was that she was the bringer of this child’s life, but her presence in Leviticus’s life was as insignificant as an insect for she had left him and disappeared into the night. It was safe to say that she soon died after that, surviving the forest alone was something that took great strength, strength she didn’t have after giving birth.

That cold night, the forest had echoed with the whispers of Mother Nature; the owls hooting their midnight melodies and the insects scurrying about to hide from the midnight stalkers.  But those sounds were only accented in the background of a distinct cry that sounded from baby Leviticus. And it was his cries that had caught the attention of a passing group of Touched. But the child’s cries had only first been heard by a beautiful woman by the name of Sabree and it was her that had signaled for the others to stop while she took off towards the source. Finding the child had been made easy with the sound of his cries guiding her. When Sabree had first laid eyes on the child, she had been mesmerized by his orange eyes and soft features; even the gentle cooing that had replaced his cry was enough to capture her heart in a vase of affection.

Sabree had snatched little Leviticus up in the few moments of meeting him and carried him off to the others. It wasn’t easy for Sabree to convince the others to allow her to take the child in, but Sabree was a woman who got what she wanted. It was only a matter of time before she’d talked the others into it. It had taken the entire journey back for her to warm the hearts of the others. Even her father had been hesitant, but he would not deny his young daughter whose heart was so set on keeping the baby.

Assassin by somedude2-d2yzi4l


For many months after Sabree mothered and nurtured the young baby, finally deciding that she would name him Leviticus, after her grandfather who had died securing the safety of her tribe. She would pray every night to her God that her son would grow up to be a warrior just like her grandfather, to have courage and willpower beyond any man. It was around this time in Sabree’s life that she found the love of her life, Taric. A hunter from another tribe who she’d met while gathering supplies in the forest. The hunter was an exciting man and seemed to sweep Sabree off her feet whenever he was around her. The hunter wasn’t the safest man however; as he carried with him dark secrets that would frighten even the bravest of warriors, he was a Forsaken.

Several years of romance passed by for Sabree, and during those years she raised Leviticus with all the love and affection she could muster, while also becoming closer and closer to her lover. But her secure and cozy life didn’t last long the first night he hit her. She had never feared Taric, had always believed him to be an thrilling and lovable guy, but she also had never seen him drunk. The night Taric beat Sabree was the night that changed her life forever. For day’s afterword’s Sabree tried to hide her bruises from her friends, she’d even avoided people while passing through the camp. But it didn’t take long for people to begin to worry. Her father was the first to notice something was totally off with his normally outgoing happy daughter. When he confronted her Sabree had denied him of the truth, telling him she’d gotten into an argument with an outsider while gathering. But this wasn’t enough to convince her father, he knew in his gut that the bruises were from Taric.

Furious, Sabree’s father armored up and took off through the camp. Sabree had begged him to stop but she knew that her voice would be unheard. Her father planned to find Taric the hunter and kill him. Sabree could only wait back with her son who was now 5 at this time. Leviticus was very young but he understood that something bad was taking place. He knew that his mother had been hurt, but he didn’t know the details. Days passed and still Sabree’s father didn’t return, she had heard no word from Taric either who she’d normally met up with in the forest. This time she was afraid to go looking. Finally some of the other tribe members had offered to go search for her father. Sabree prayed that her father was safe as well as Taric. She still loved the hunter despite everything, but she had no idea how dangerous the man truly was. When the other tribesmen returned, Sabree could tell something was wrong, she could see it on their tortured faces.

It was a shock when Sabree saw what it was they carried with them. The lifeless body of what was once a loving father. This was the end of everything for her. For the first time in years she felt truly alone, she had no family, no one to direct her anymore. All she had left was herself and her son. She felt the sadness consume her and there was something else, something at the back of her thoughts, a whisper of something evil. Was this Gods influence? Surely it wasn’t, she had always had strange dreams but never had she heard the voices. Sabree had been tainted. And the voices in her head were telling her to do sickening things. Though they were very distant voices, when they did come she was reminded of her sadness. The years of love she had shared with Taric had done nothing but to taint her. The voices she heard were louder then they ever were.

Leviticus knew that something was seriously wrong with his mother. He had tried to comfort her but he was still much too young to be able to understand what she was going through. A few years passed, but Sabree was never the same. She became quieter and less interactive. She still played her role as a mother, but she was less enthusiastic. Leviticus was 9 and he needed his mother on an emotional level. He was fatherless and didn’t seem to have a relationship with his mother at all. While Sabree distanced herself hoping to protect Levi from God's influence, Leviticus did what he could to entertain himself. But the more he tried this, the more he realized how much his mother seemed to hate him. He would try to talk to her, to tell her how much he loved her and how thankful he was for her, but she never seemed to return those feelings. She’d seemingly lost touch with reality. Leviticus became angry. He wanted love and acceptance, but wasn’t getting it.

As he grew up his anger grew with him. At 12 he was already taking care of himself, his mother had lost all interest in parenting at all. The voices in her head had all but drowned out her true self, she was truly Gods little tool.  The anger that was building up in her son was reaching its boiling point. He found little activities to help channel it. Doing work around the camp and taking an interest in blacksmithing. But it wasn’t enough. He didn’t seem to get along with the other kids his age, he was much too mature for them. Leviticus would have episodes of rage where he would destroy something or pick fights with the other kids. He wasn’t ashamed of them either, he always hoped that his mother would notice if he kept them up. But finally that boiling point was reached when Sabree decided to stop talking to him all together.

Lord Of Shadows by sraointe

Levi as a young teen. (15)

He was about 15 when he’d first discovered this new behavior. He’d tried telling her about a piece of armor he’d made all by himself, but Sabree wouldn’t respond. She just sat there in her chair, ignoring him completely and gazing off into the distance muttering something about "God's will". This enraged Leviticus, as he believed it was intentional. With a burst of anger he slammed his fist into the wall and screamed into his mother’s face, hoping that he could get her to at least flinch. But still there was no reaction, his mother was completely gone consumed by the whispers of God.
Old warrior by sumerky-d3741tw


 Leviticus realized that he would never get his mother back he began supporting himself. And as the years pressed on and he reached his teens he joined up with the fighters in his tribe. He trained for several months with one of the tribes elders Erabel. Erabel was the first person in a while to pay any sort of attention to him. He believed Leviticus had potential, potential to lead the entire tribe, however to do this he would need a teacher and to channel his anger. Erabel offered to mentor Levi, to help him to become a warrior. Leviticus accepted and began the 3 years if training detouring from the hunting path.

A Rough First YearEdit


Becoming Tainted

During one of those years of training on a mission in the forest with Erabel, the two of them encountered a mysterious man, one that had declared himself to be Leviticus’s father. Little did Levi know that the man was the one responsible for the death of his great grandfather. Taric questioned Levi about Sabree, wanting to know where she was. But Levi wasn't about to give away the information. Not to a deranged creature like Taric. He could see glistening of sharp teeth in the moonlight and the claws. He knew that his mother knew nothing about suck a creature. And he knew of the danger he faced before him. Taric was a Forsaken. Turning to his mentor, Levi asked what he should do. But Erabel had a dark glimmer in his eye as he glared at the man. Was it possible that he knew Taric? After a moment Erabel signaled for Leviticus to attack as he moved to flank him from the right. Levi didn't hesitate and ran for the left. But Taric was fast. With a swift claw he sliced Leviticus in the chest, ripping a section of flesh. Levi fell to the ground in pain.

It felt like ages had passed, at the back of his head Leviticus could hear a faint whispering, but it was gone a second later and replaced with the sounds of clashing weapons. Turning to his side he watched as Erabel fought the Taric. He could see blood gushing from several wounds. Was this the end for them? Forcing himself to a stand he ran at Taric, his long sword slicing towards the man’s chest. Taric wasn’t fast enough to dodge and the slice ripped through a section of him. But he wasn’t going down just yet. With a burst of laughter Taric forced his claws into Erabel’s chest stabbing him. There was a hard thud as the old man fell to the ground. Feeling a rush of rage and hatred, Leviticus took another stance. All the rage he had felt over the course of the past years boiling over once again. The only man to every treat him like he was something, was no half way from death. Letting out an animal like roar, Leviticus rushed at the Forsaken, his sword slashing through the same spot slicing through the man complete.

Silence fell over the clearing, only the soft hackle of breathing sounding from Erabel as he struggled to breath. Kneeling before his dying master, Levi finally allowed himself to cry, letting out the pain of losing his mother and of now losing his only real father figure right before his eyes. But he went quiet when he heard Erabel attempting to talk. In his dying words he ordered Leviticus to run, run far away back to the village and leave the body. Leviticus cried but didn’t listen to the words of his master, instead staying with him for several hours.

When the night finally went cold Leviticus realized that he was alone again. The sound of an owl hooting was all that was heard. But there was something else, a distant whisper, but it wasn’t from the trees, it was in his head. Telling him to make things right… to make use of his masters strength so that he could be reborn through him. Confused, Leviticus cried out into the night asking why. Why had God asked him to do such things? But finally he gave in, turning to face the man that was once his mentor. With a soft sob he removed his hunting knife hesitantly slicing into the old man’s skin. He couldn’t stop the tears that followed as he forced down the flesh of his master. He was confused, alone nothing but the sounds of God in his head. He wasn’t exactly sure why he was doing it, but he allowed himself to be controlled. He didn’t care anymore. When he was finished eating several pieces of his master he turned to look at Taric who lay dead several feet away. If he was to eat his master then Taric would suffer the same fate. Quickly Levi scurried over to the body viciously stabbing the hunting knife into the cheek of the dead Taric.

There was even a tainted laughter that erupted from the pit of his chest as he bit into the flesh, chewing it quickly. He felt an unbearable pain as the flesh reached his stomach. A pain he had never endured in his entire life. He wanted to vomit but couldn’t seem to get it out, nor could he stop himself from feasting. The voices in his head kept telling him. Finally he passed out the pain being too unbearable for him to handle. When he finally did awake the bodies of Taric and Erabel had disappeared and he was alone. The sunlight shined bright rays of light through the trees causing Leviticus to squint. As he stood he tried to remember what had happen. He could feel a sticky substance on his hands and face. Was this blood? After a second the memories hit him and he felt the pang of pain and anger hit him again. He no longer belonged in the tribe. He couldn’t go back after what he’d done. He could never look the others in the eye and admit the sins he had committed

Leviticus’s training was cut short at the young age of 17, losing his only father figure had proved to be the real turning point in his life. Two and half years of training, only to lose the only person that had every mattered to him. Feeling lost and alone, Leviticus left his tribe to find his own path. He didn’t even bother to bid his mother farewell, as he knew that he would never be able to find her in the empty shell she was. He finally understood what Taric had done to her. He had changed her, tainted her very soul with his sick and deluded ways. She had once been one of the purest beings he could remember, a mother that always seemed to make the light shine through her eyes. But in the end he could only see darkness staring back at him and that darkness was now inside of him.

A New PathEdit


Leviticus, caged.

Leviticus traversed the jungle for many days before falling upon a group of traveling warriors; they seemed to be barbarian like in appearance. Not sure of how to approach them without getting killed, Levi stalked them from the trees. It wasn’t until he let his guard down that he was caught and taken as a prisoner by the warriors. He was starved for days and kept in a cage completely naked. At this point Leviticus didn’t care too much what happen to him. He figured that this was his destiny. The tribe of warriors traveled for a good day or two before reaching a camp with woman and children, much different than what Leviticus was used too. He still hadn’t made contact with the leader or anyone as he was unable to understand the language they spoke. Finally after reaching his lowest point, a large bulky warrior appeared before him, with a large chunk of meat, tossing it into the cage for him to eat. Leviticus didn’t let the chance slip away and ate the meat, regaining some of his strength.

This went on for many months, Levi being worn down and then just before he died he’d be given food and water. But throughout that time he didn’t communicate with anyone; this reminded him of a good portion of his life; being completely ignored by his mother, never knowing what was going on. Levi felt the rage building up inside him, rage that he’d been taught by his mentor to channel. He wouldn’t be a useless prisoner, no, he needed to escape and find his path, Erabel would have wanted it for him. Focusing the anger he was feeling, Leviticus felt a power surge through his body and bones. Pure rage. Anger because he was caged, alone, broken. He also heard the voices from before, back in the forest after killing Taric. God was speaking to him and God wanted him to be free! Out of nowhere a burst of heat radiated from his clenched fists, disintegrating his cage. The warriors that had been guarding were as surprised as Leviticus was. Around him steam wafted through the air and he could feel the bitter cold sting at his naked skin. After breaking free, Levi was lead to the leader of the tribe, finally getting the meeting he deserved. The leader spoke Levi’s language and offered to give him a place in his tribe, to become a Nightwolf.  He had earned his place by proving his strength and earning the respect of the leader. Levi realized that this was the path he’d been destined to follow, this was the path God himself wanted for him, without a hesitation he accepted.



Leviticus trained with the Nightwolves for many years, learning their native tongue and the customs of the tribe. He became one of the chief’s top ranked warriors, having trained under the leader himself. He idolized his new mentor Godrid who taught him about self-worth and what it meant to be a man as well as how to feast on the flesh of lost commrades and how it made him stronger. In a way, Godrid became the father figure he never had. Leviticus finally was with a family that noticed and appreciated him. He learned of the things that made a man weak and how weakness was something that was never tolerated or accepted. This became one of the most important things to Leviticus, only because he knew that he wasn’t born weak and he respected the ways of his new people. His training didn’t end though as Godrid like Erabel believed that Leviticus was born for great things. Godrid was growing old and would soon need someone to lead his people; he knew that Leviticus was the only man alive who had the strength to do that.

As many years passed and Leviticus grew wiser, his mentor Godrid grew weaker. Leviticus noticed this and knew that it was time to step up; he would challenge Godrid for leadership of the clan; knowing that weakness was unacceptable. Leviticus rose before the entire clan, calling out his challenge in the native tongue for all to hear. Godrid was surprised by Levi’s bravery but he was not yet ready to give up his position. The shock of the challenge had caused some of the others to shout out in detest for Leviticus as he was challenging the eldest and wisest. A few of the soldiers even cried out in outrage going as far as to attack Leviticus, but they were quickly defeated. Godrid knew that he would have to rise up to the challenge. Taking a stance he unsheathed his sword and hurdled towards Levi, but his old bones were not enough to keep up with the speed of youth. The fight lasted for several minutes, but in the end Leviticus bested his old mentor. And with cries of shock and detest, Leviticus was now leader of the Nightwolves.

After the fight Godrid declared Leviticus the new leader, reassuring the other members that Leviticus had the strength and wisdom to lead everyone. It was this reassurance that helped secure Leviticus’s leadership. At the age of 25 Leviticus was the youngest warrior to ever be made leader. It took time for all the other members to fully appreciate his reign, but over time they grew to respect his strength.

However... with time, came great hardship.

The Year Of Death

As a year of greatness and prosperity came and passed, the year of death followed, a year that would only prove to be the most challenging year for the Nightwolves. It started out with the thrill of hunting as Leviticus led his men into the darkest parts of the forest to hunt Forsaken and the Horror’s that stalked the night. The hunting didn’t come without great loss, but those who didn’t survive became food for the stronger warriors increasing their strength as well as the influence of God.  It was this idea which drove the Nightwolves to hunt for the flesh of Forsaken and Horrors alike. However their reign of gluttony would only last for so long, it had been on one of their victories nights, one with little loss and great gain. While feasting back at camp a few of the woman that had strayed too far from the camp were caught and ravaged by a couple of Horrors. Too great a time had passed for the safety of the camp; they had made themselves too comfortable with the comfort of a new leader.

Leviticus had been enraged at the word of what had taken place, only because he knew it would be near impossible to find the Horror’s responsible for the deaths. Some of the tribesmen were beginning to doubt his leadership. Levi no longer had Godrid to sway the votes of his people; Godrid’s time had come and gone long before. It was time for Levi to prove himself without the support of his mentor. As the weeks and months followed and Levi led his people from location to location, still the attacks continued and still Leviticus couldn’t seem to find the pursuers. He had led a few of his warriors off to search only to return empty handed every time. A good portion of the woman and children were picked off during this year, as the healthier, younger females were taken leaving only the older and less fertile. This wasn’t good for the Nightwolves, as they needed their young woman to secure the future of the tribe.


It was past overdue that Leviticus stood up to the killers. And for the next week he had the strongest of his soldiers positioned cleverly throughout the camp, ready for an attack. Woman were no longer allowed to leave the camp without escorts, this included the elderly. Things seemed to be fine for a while, as the new precautions seemed to be hindering the appetites and motivation of the pursuers. But Leviticus would not allow himself to be blindsided again, thus he kept his eyes open and his men ready. His most trusted warrior and friend Thrandr was responsible for leading the night patrol while he left protecting the camp to himself. He wanted to be close to the camp if the hunters decided they would make a go for the camp instead.

Warrior Concept by Zyklon8B

Leviticus, fully armored for this single fight.

It finally came, on the coldest of nights with stale silence creeping across the campgrounds. A loud and demonic roar sounded throughout the camp one that was echoed with the presence of two Horrors. The camp didn’t stay so quiet after that, with panicked cries and the sounds of men as they rushed to get their weapons. Even the warriors who’d been placed on night guard seemed to be caught off guard. Leviticus however wasn’t afraid, he was ready. He’d been preparing for this attack. Pulling the curtain of his tent open, he stepped out, fully armored, a sight that was rare to see. Leviticus was known for always remaining shirtless with only a single shoulder piece of armor. But not this time not as he prepared to fight the Horrors and defend the honor of the tribes name, he would earn his tribes respect if it meant him his life.

At either side of the camp a large and unworldly creature stood, with demonic features. They were both so similar but at the same time very different in appearance. While they both possessed demonic features, the features themselves were twisted and bent in very different ways. It was only the sick demonic shrill that sounded from the two of them seemed to confirm that the two were mates. With a heavy breath, Leviticus called out to his people, telling them that it was time for them to defend their honor and prove their worth. This day they would fight, not only for their life but for the life of the Nightwolves. With a quick dash through the camp and a soldier at either side of him, Leviticus rushed for the first horror. His gauntlet was the first part of him to make contact with the Horror, slashing through what looked to be one of the Horror’s legs. There was no surprise when the Horror seemed to be unfazed, sending a heavy and immortal strike into the pit of Leviticus’s chest. He felt his ribs crush as his body was launched through the air landing with a heavy sickening thud. He had been spared the brutality of the attack as the two soldiers that had followed him in were instantly killed. This Horror was much stronger than any Horror they had ever faced.

At the other side of the camp another fight took place, as Thrandr and a good portion of the higher ranked warriors appeared from the forest to fight off the other Horror. They seemed to be having a better time. The battle went on, on both sides of the camp for several hours. The sounds that echoed from the clearing on that night were gruesome. But as the night went on the sounds slowly died out as nearly half of the Nightwolves  were slaughtered. Only the strongest of the warriors had managed to survive. Most of the woman and children dying, Leviticus and Thrandr had managed to slay the last of the Horrors with a carefully planned assault. While for some it didn’t feel like a victory. Leviticus knew that it truly was. The name of the clan had survived and he knew that they could come back from this with time.

The following morning was met with sadness and discomfort, even the feasting of the dead was more difficult than usual. Leviticus had made a speech to his people telling them that he planned to lead his people to a new home so that they could repopulate. For the first time in so long they believed him, at this point Leviticus was the only person they had left to lead them, it would have been foolish to not trust him. Without him and the strong support of Thrandr, they all would have perished the night before. Leviticus knew that he had earned this respect from his people, but not only that, he’d earned a new strength, something that wasn’t easily described. He was finally beginning to feel the changes inside him from the consumption of the Horrors. The whispers in his head were becoming more frequent and the connection he felt with God was so much stronger. It was this new feeling of power that was motivating him. He knew without a doubt that he could lead his people to a new home, possibly get them outside the barrier with enough willpower.

Finally the Year of Death was over and as the scattered remnants of the Nightwolves regrouped and pressed forward, a new light seemed to shine down through the trees. Leviticus felt an air of pride as he led his warriors through the trees and onward to greater things.

This was only the beginning for them...

Baby, You Ain't Looking Right

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fighting Style:  Leviticus is a brutal unforgiving warrior. He fights with quick agility and heavy strikes, focusing more on intense continuous strikes rather than actually landing each and every one strike with perfect precision.  His style of combat is quick and unorthodox as he will attack in a flurry aiming at weak points in the targets flesh to hopefully strike for heavy damage. When he moves it can be difficult trying to decide which part of your body to protect as his strikes are speedy and random. When he manages to hook his claws into his targets flesh he makes sure to slice as deep as he can and hopefully hook out a chunk of flesh when he pulls back. He often has much more physical defense on his right side as it is the side in which he attacks and blocks with using the shoulder armor and gauntlet. His left side is more exposed especially considering he normally is shirtless and he doesn't wear armor on that side of him, but this doesn’t mean that he is a fool, he will do what he can do defend his weak side.

While fighting Leviticus will focus intently on his enemy to hopeful expose weak points. If he needs to stall for time he will ease up on his aggressive attacks and play more swiftly as he focuses more on avoiding attacks and studying his opponent. He may stop every so often to throw out an insult to attempt to create doubt in his enemy, this usually works on more emotional or sensitive people who have issues with self-confidence, Levi will play on that weakness using it to his advantage.

Other Skills

Hunting: Leviticus is a hunter and has picked up on this skill while with the Nightwolves.

Blacksmithing: Leviticus uses his powers to blacksmith weapons and armor. He picked up on this skill when he was in his younger years as a means of distraction.

Sex: Leviticus is quite good at making love, he never had any training when he was younger. It's safe to say that he is a natural at making another feel good under the sheets.

Leadership: Leviticus is a leader and has always had a certain air of leadership to him since he was a kid. He was told by both his mentors that he was destined to do great things and had the potential to lead. Despite his temper he can be quite inspiring to his people and has the ability to inspire confidence as provide direction for those who have strayed too far from their given path.

Wrath DominationEdit

Leviticus has the ability to produce and manipulate Heat from his body. Leviticus has found that the best way for him to control and activate this power is by becoming angry. This power can passively be used out of combat to cauterize wounds, create fires or allow him to survive in cold climates. It can also be used for cooking or warming another person up, or simply to burn something up. He can also focus it more for purposes of blacksmithing to repair his armor and weapons or simply make something new from scratch. 

Radiating RageEdit

Name Radiating Rage
Type Defensive/Offensive
Cost Medium
Stat Foc
Range Close, Medium

Leviticus radiates heat within his circumference that spreads out around him forming a barrier of heat. The closer a target is the more damage they will take making it hard for someone to get close to him and attack. The heat will burn projectile attacks or things launched or shot at him. The effect lasts 2 turns and has a Cooldown of 3 turns. This does medium damage to targets who get close.

-Shielding Chart: Physical Projectiles-

  • 4 points below or more: Blocks attack
  • 2 points below: Heavily weakens
  • Everything in between: Medium weakens attack
  • 2 points ahead: Mildly weakens
  • 4 ahead: Attack is unaffected

-Shielding Chart: Energy Projectiles-

  • 2 point below or more: Heavily Weakens 
  • Everything in between: Mediumly weakens and takes a turn off duration
  • 2 ahead: Breaks shield putting it on Cooldown but also mildly weakens the attack

Defiling WrathEdit

Name Defiling Wrath
Type Offensive
Cost Medium
Stat Foc, End
Range Long

Leviticus focuses his rage and releases it as hot energy which can be used to disintegrate an object from a distance. This ability will inflict medium damage to enemies caught in the blast as well as being able to penetrate physical shields based on the shields scaling against his Foc. This ability can be used once every turn.


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STR 10
DEX 10
FCS 12
Base points 60
Earned 0 (Link to be added...)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 60


  • Leviticus has a horse named Grit.
  • There are 15 horses total in the Nightwolves, 5 of them being wagon pullers.
  • Leviticus's name was inspired by the book of Leviticus from the Bible for no real reason.
  • Leviticus has only ever worn something over his chest once when he was a child and then again when he wore the full suit of armor for the battle with the Horrors.


  • “A warrior should fear nothing!”
  • "Fear is nothing but weakness."
  • "Here in our family, respect is earned!"
  • "You dare challenge me? Well then prove your worth and bare your fangs, but don't expect me to show you mercy when you're cut down!"
  • "Weakness is unforgivable... you show me weakness and I will show you the consequence!"
  • “Destiny doesn’t favor weakness.”
  • “You hide from me, you’re nothing but garbage!”
  • "You show promise."
  • "I see strength in your soul."
  • "Rage is a weapon, make use of it."
  • "I will lead my family to a new home, one with the promise of hope..."


-Baby, You Ain't Looking Right

-Hunting With Purpose

-The Song Of The Forest

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