"Gorgeous, awe-inspiring, majestic, the ever delicious Stag makes for a wonderful meal to anyone who doesn't mind getting rid of it's horns.


Found throughout the Icelands and Forests, the King Stag are large magnificent elks, that can often be seen jumping gracefully from rock to rock, or running swiftly over the snow.

When mating, these animals use their intricate antlers to gain favor with females, as well as bashing them against each other in competition.

When threatened, these animals immediately take off, attempting to run away rather than stand and see whether or not the danger is real.

Hunting TipsEdit

Aim for the legs. Remove the legs and the animal can no longer run, this isn't about sport, it's about survival. Eat first, fun second.

Protect the Antlers. Tribes love these things, they use them as knife handles, bow making material, just about anything, don't let them get too damaged, they want intact antlers, they pay extra for them. However, these antlers are tough as hell, so bring something along to saw at them with.

Bright lights. Bright lights confuse a Stag, to the point of it standing in place and staring, giving you a few brief seconds before it runs off.

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