Hale [Hah-leh] is a nomadic Forsaken survivor in Eden.

The Red Queen
Status Alive
Race Level Forsaken
Gender Female
Height 5'7

170 cm

Weight 125 lbs.

56.6 kg.

Blood Type O+
Family Gunnar Tannim: Husband [Deceased]

Kyna Tannim: Daughter [Deceased]

Base of Operations Nomad
Affiliation Neutral
Previous Affiliation Lyons
Partner None


Why have beauty when you can simply destroy?


Hale had been a beautiful woman, standing tall on her own, a humble height that wasn't too short or too tall with a gentle and desirable frame. Her skin was a brushed pearl white and her body blemish-free. Hale was a beauty to behold and was sought after by several men in her small village in the plains. 

She had a soft blue eye color that rivaled the summer sky with almond-shaped eyes and a pair of soft, plump pink lips. She could often be found wearing flowing dresses made by her own hand and no shoes, a couple of ribbons tied around her ankles to show that she was prone to tripping. They were a bright pink, showing she was still available, they would be taken off after she were wed.

Her hair was a long, platinum blonde, a color that was rare of the plains-folk who lived in the area. It was slightly wavy and reached just past her elbows, usually kept loose with a few braids in it. There were rare occasions when she would put small family jewels in her hair, obtained through her grandmother as well as a few pre-bridal anklets.


After having turned, Hale's ears elongated and began pointed to about six inches away from her head, moving her piercings in her ears up the length of the ear to about halfway. Her hair being the same length, if not a little bit darkened down to a golden blonde. 

In order to hide the scars from her attack, Hale would have worn darker, tighter fitting dresses and kept herself out of the way of others sight. The ribbons on her ankles were a dark red and adorned with beautiful ruby crosses from old world rosaries attached to them.

On her cheeks are two downward pointing triangles that are a few shades darker than her skin while starting at the bottom lids of her eyes. Another change was that her eyes themselves had went from a soft blue to a harsh neon green that glows in the dark, the glow itself taking over her entire eyes when seen in the dark and can even shine off of objects around her. 


Currently, Hale is a shadow of her former, beautiful self. She has a terrifying appearance in the form of her tainted self with glowing red eyes, white-blonde hair, and ashen gray skin. From a distance, she can be seen as a predator in the middle of the night or as the Forsaken she is in the middle of the day. Her skin is cold upon touch and while ashen, is not rotted. 

Her lips are dark red, nearly black and her hair is tied up at shoulder length, kept under a dark hood. She wears elbow-high gauntlets stolen from the bodies of those she has killed and a breast piece made especially for her out of leather and wool with bits of metal tacked on. Her shoulder guards are made of hardened leather, made by a very skill crafter in Lyons, with white feathers around the bottom edges. 

She wears thigh high leather boots made by herself, there are a few mistakes in the design and it shows from where she's done her best to repair it. Her hooded cloak is a deep maroon and black, not really matching her other outfit pieces but enough so that it's overlooked. It's handmade by Hale and that's rather obvious when one looks at the tattered edges of the fabric. 

On her back, she keeps her custom bow and usually filled quiver with two long blades similar to Arkadiya's on her belt. Unlike her Touched and Tainted self, Hale's Forsaken side has a nasty sounding voice that can only be described as both a higher and lower octave being played from a single instrument at one time.


Before being turned, Hale was a beautiful and gentle woman who would do just about anything for anyone. She was humble and quiet, speaking only when spoken to and would cast her eyes down at men who were looking directly at her. She was the perfect submissive woman and it showed in her every action.

Her love for her daughter and husband showed in her eyes even after she was turned Tainted. She had been exhausted then mostly because she was unable to keep herself from seeing dreams given to her from the God. 

Now, however, Hale is a cold and distant woman that keeps her emotions heavily guarded except for ones that are quite obviously negative. She normally finds her own rather unenjoyable but the negative emotions of others make her smile and lifts her mood a bit. When this happens, she can be rather playful, if not flirty, but one should always remember that she can snap right back into that grumpy mindset she has.

Out of it all, Hale's a fighter and has a violent mindset. She doesn't immediately try to figure out how to kill someone but she'll point out that she could have done so in many ways upon meeting them, especially if they're boring to her. The woman's not one for tact and if she sees something, even if it's none of her business, she'll talk about it and let it be known. Hale rather likes pointing out potential romances, or even if she thinks two people should just fuck and get it over with. 

She hates when men treat her as if she's lower than they are and thinks that if men are going to ask her to fight, they should trust her enough to be able to hold her own or ask for help on her own. Hale's never been one to take kindly to being looked down on and would rather spit in their face than take their shit for much longer. She doesn't care for the God and has been known to be seen muttering things like 'shut the hell up' to herself and, when asked, telling the person that it's none of their damn business who she's talking to.


[Hale speaking to her daughter.] "There was a legend that surrounded the forests about little girls like you, Kyna. If they entered the forest alone in the dead of night, the grim reaper would be there waiting for them and carry them away from their mommies and daddies. You see, that is why you must always stay near us, we could never lose you."

"Momma? You'll protect me from the reaper, won't you?"

"...Of course, my love. Go to sleep."


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Back when the days were joyous and filled with laughter, Hale was a small child that lived with her plains-folk parents and twin brother, Valeska. Her mother was a homemaker and took care of her, teaching her how to read, cook, sew and even how to repair little patches in coats. 

She was one of the few children born in her year and of the few, there was one other by the name of Gunnar that was very taken with her even as a small child. He was one of her best friends and she did everything with him, from catching frogs to running through fireflies at night. 

She was blissfully unaware of the God's touch and was more than happy to keep living like that. Her mother and father were very happy with their lives on the plains and she was just as content helping to take care of cattle and even a few of the chickens on their village's farm.

They weren't so close to the forest that the trees were close together, but close enough that the village was all the time talking about how there were 'reapers' in the forest. Her village was a bit closed off and never really messed with traders unless it was when they went to Zurich or Lyons, both being about an equal distance away from their home. 

Hale was completey ignorant to the hell of their world, no pures lived in her village and Corrupted and Forsaken usually were too busy making their way to Zurich or Lyons to really worry about her small home. She was one of the few that actually used the public baths that were in the village and her friends were very into playing in it. Gunnar was usually right there with her, even offering to turn around so she could get dressed, he wanted to be a gentleman for her even if he were just eight years old. 

Her innocence was shattered when slavers came to her village and stole her mother, killing her father and going for her and her twin brother. Gunnar and his parents were able to get a hold of Hale and Valeska, running into the underground shelter into the small mountainous outcropping not far away from the now burning remains of the village. 

It was that night when Hale began to lose her innocence and was beginning to become lost. She clung tightly to Gunnar and would never leave his sight. The little girl grew up at his side and knew nothing but him, her heart was one that was so completely wound around his own that she no longer knew where she ended and he began. 


Upon turning sixteen, Hale and Valeska went back to the village where they had lived and began rebuilding it with Gunnar and his parents. It didn't take but a few months for people on the trading lane to notice and begin moving in, finding it far easier to live halfway than go back and forth constantly. 

Valeska noticed that his sister was getting closer and closer to Gunnar, finding it strange that the man was constantly around but her brother was accepting of what was going on and managed to trade one of his prized possessions, a gold bracelet from their father, so he could get his sister a pair of anklet rosary beads for her wedding. 

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When she found out that her brother had gotten rid of his bracelet, Hale had been in tears, unable to understand why it was that he had given it up so easily for. She let him hold her as she cried for what he had lost and he simply gave a smile and held his hand out to ger to present what it was that he had gotten in exchange for it. 

Showing her the rosary beads, he revealed to Hale that he had been appraoched by Gunnar several weeks before asking for her hand and had only just gotten around to being able to present her with the beads that were traditional of their old beliefs. Hale felt horrible for berating her brother and immediately set to apologizing to the now smiling man, hugging him tightly as she tried to thank him through sobs. 

The only thing that would have made it better would have been having both their parents there to see the ceremony, an opinion that her brother immediately agreed to. The two men began making arrangements while Gunnar's mother, Hale, and a few other of the new villagers began working on putting together the marriage. It wasn't uncommon for someone to be married so young, especially there out on the plains. 

Hale's mother had been eighteen when she had Valeska and Hale, her father only a mere twenty years old and hailing from Zurich. 

The Promise by orpheelin
The night of their wedding, Hale was given her rosaries and Gunnar was instructed to cut the pink ribbons around her ankles, signifying that she was no longer a woman of the earth but a woman of his heart and one that was not going to be taken by another man. 

Standing there at the dark, candle lit altar, Gunnar smiled at the goddess holding his hands, finding that he was potentially the luckiest man on the face of Eden right then. Taking a shaking breath, he smiled at her and placed his hand on the tomb that had been made in commemoration of the people taken from their village previously. 

"On this day, Hale, I promise to be the guardian of your heart and the protector of your body. I promise to be there for you, always and forever, even if my mind has been stripped from me and my being turned to a Forsaken. I promise to pledge myself to take care of you and our future children, for long as we both shall live in this world. It is the greatest honor and the most wonderful gift you could ever give me," he whispered to her. 

His words were heard all over the room, the whisper turning into an echo that seemed to grow louder the more it reverberated. Hale blushed at the sentimental gesture and placed her hand over his on the tombstone, seeing a familiar looking trader out of the corner of her eyes. She brushed off the feeling of his rageful staring and instead focused on the man who she as to spend the rest of her life with. 

"On this day, Gunnar, I willingly give my heart and body to you, to accept your promises with no hesitation. You are the sun in my sky and the joy in my soul, I hope that my own promise to submit to you as your wife can even halfway measure up to the ones you've given me today."

On that night, Hale conceived their daughter, Kyna. 


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After having been married, Valeska told Hale and Gunnar that they might be safer going to the Icelands. Valeska had heard of a large portion of Nightwolves being in the area where they were living and didn't wish for his sister, brother-in-law, and possible niece or nephew to be hurt or even killed by the infamous forest gang that even the Patrollers can't fully control.

Valeska got the two of them a group with traders and immediately had the two of them packed and ready to leave the village. He begged Gunnar to take care of them, to make good on his promises on their wedding day, he told the man if he didn't, Valeska would hunt him down and do worse to him than anything the Nightwolves could ever come up with. 

Gunnar promised Valeska that he would take care of the two of them. 

On the way to the Icelandic location, their caravan was overturned by two Forsaken that were much more animalistic than normal. This ended up with Hale being attacked by one of them, the male having much more power over her than the female had over the other traders in the caravan. She was nearly freed of her clothing when Gunnar managed to get it off of her, slamming a large rock into it's head as he pulled her away at the same time. 

Her injuries were extensive and nearly life threatening but they were very lucky that they had gotten to a small village at the border of the Iceland and Forest, near where Arkadiya lived. Hale was taken care of by a priestess there that claimed the Reaper of the forest would be created through this event, making Gunnar even more wary of the forest. That night, Hale ended up screaming in her sleep, unable to keep herself from thrashing under the hands of the priestess who was attempting to 'cleanse' her. 

The caravan ended up having to allow Hale and Gunnar to stay there, having to move on to peddle their wares before the blizzards began.

As she began showing with Kyna, Hale was happy since the attack for one of the first times. The woman was having a hard time feeling normal after the Forsaken had come after her and she was even less inclined to wear her normal dresses, feeling that she was being stared at. Instead, she began crafting more conservative dresses to hide the scars that she couldn't completely explain even to herself.

Fading light by orpheelin
Hale's pregnancy ended when she was eight months gone and Gunnar was out hunting. The priestess was the only one there to witness the event and spoke of the grim reaper of the forest once again, the story was beginning to become tiresome to the woman and she started to overlook the priestess since she continued to bring it up. 

After their daughter was around two years old, Gunnar went to war with the Corrupted that had begun to make their rounds in the Icelands from the forest. The last caravan had brought a pure with them unknowingly and had dropped the young woman off in the village that Hale lived in, making it even harder for the small village to fend off attacks that had no business even happening. 

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For a long  time, no one even caught on. The pure left to leave to Upper Milan and the peace began to reign again until Gunnar left again to fight for Valeska. Hale's brother had moved to Milan, never telling his sister what it was that he was doing there, but it was greatly implied that he had been blackmailed into going there.

Hale didn't appreciate this but allowed her husband to go. 

During this time, Hale was made the new fertility priestess of the village, praying to the Gods that they had made to substitute for the one that they knew was whispering to them already.

The village was very specific in their rituals and would often have the past priestess' body consumed after being cooked in several rare herbs that weren't available in the area. Hale was one of the few that was allowed to visit the body while it was in this state and took up the ceremonial skirt the past woman had.

She went topless but painted her face in a similar fashion to the past priestess. Burning incense, she prayed for their village to be prosperous with children. This ritual wasn't one that was done often, but it was done enough through the seasons so that they believed that it was actually working. As a part of her training as being a priestess, Hale had to learn how to use a bow as well as a one handed sword. Her daughter was taken care of by one of the other villagers while she was working on these skills and it wasn't very long until Hale was better than the average archer. 

As a part of her training as a priestess, Hale had to learn to use pieces of songs from ancient texts to sing if she were ever in trouble. She wasn't very good at tracking, often ending up tracking herself while out in the woods and would run into animals that were usually either grazing an would run from her or ones that would attack her. Hale didn't have the best of luck when it came to hunting but she needed their blood for her rituals, which were quite different than the rituals of the religious ones like Xico.

The Dire Wolves were needed more than anything. It was believed that the blood of the Dire Wolf produced far stronger male children while that of a deer produced the more submissive kind of females. Since Dire Wolf blood was in higher demand, Hale had to begin hunting them. As priestess, she was expected to have a large cache of each type of blood at any given time. It didn't matter if it were fresh or not. She had learned to shoot them with an arrow to the base of its head, right where the spine and cranium connected. For a while it was a damn good plan, but Hale started to become a bit more brave. It started when she got too close to one, finding that an arrow in the throat did just as well as to the back of their necks, but she wasn't all a fan of getting any closer. 

There was an instance where she had gotten too close to one of them, her bow breaking and her sword being tossed away from her, that made her rethink her life's choices.

It wasn't until she ended up attempting to scream for her life that she found that the wolf was thrown away from her by the force of whatever it was she had just done. This was when the woman first learned of her powers and began gathering the wolf in the back of her carriage. 

Returning to her village, Hale began recreating the scene and found that she was far more lethal than she had once thought after one of the more handsy traders had gotten a hold of her daughter. Hale had used the ability on the man after moving Kyna out of the way, ending up killing him for nearly putting his hand up her daughter's skirt.

Gunnar took her to the side and began speaking to her, asking how long it had been since she had learned of her own abilities and she explained that it hadn't been but for a couple of months. She had been scared to tell him at first but Gunnar loved her unconditionally and was very happy that she wasn't keeping secrets from him. It was something that was told to the elders of  the small village, all of them just happy that she had managed to get a hold of the blood of the Dire Wolf.

Some time after learning of her first ability, the woman was tested by the God, having spent several nights in a dreamless sleep seeing things that she wasn't supposed to see. The woman was incredibly distraught after waking and was very attached to her daughter at the same time that a group of traders came to the village with an incredibly familiar face with them.

This was the first time she had ever met Gavin face to face and had ever actually spoken to the man completely in a conversation. She was surprised at how polite and nice he was, keeping her eyes down as she had been taught. Her traditional priestess outfit left her open to his eyes, not that she hadn't learned to deal with the oogling that foreigners did, but she was even more shocked to find how curious he was about them.

Odalisque by orpheelin
Hale allowed herself to be alone with the man in the middle of the village circle that night, the festivities from their fertility celebration going on all around them as she explained what had happened, her hands in her lap the entire time.

The man seemed to listen to her and was incredibly well-spoken when he mentioned that they added more beauty to her. Believing this, Hale was feeling fare better about herself even as her daughter ran over to her. She introduced the two of them and Gavin left almost immediately, making Hale incredibly confused. 

A dangerous mind by orpheelin
When the traders were about to leave a few weeks later, another caravan came in, bringing with it Hale's husband, Gunnar. She had ran to him and embraced him, kissing him in the rain right in front of Gavin and her giggling daughter. It was clear to anyone with eyes that she was immensely in love with the man who she had spent practically all of her life with. 

Gunnar was highly protective of her and stayed nearby her as he kept his own eyes on Gavin, not even bothering to tell his wife what he knew when she mentioned that the man had been nice to her and Kyna. Instead, Gunnar was even more protective of her than he had been before. She didn't feel smothered but she knew something was being hidden from her; Hale simply chose not to push Gunnar on the issue and trusted that he would tell her in his own time.

The second instance of her powers manifesting was after she had begun using her swords. Hale wasn't very good when it came to close range after she had managed to master long range combat, it showed when her own daughter was better at stick fighting than she was. It was a bit humiliating for her but the woman was a resilient one and asked for Gunnar to teach her.

He was understandably reluctant. 

Gunnar hated anything to do with his wife being hurt but knew that it was only one of the few things that would help her in the future if she needed to protect their daughter. He went at her harshly the first few weeks of training, not letting up until he began to notice that she was becoming more and more driven by her own rage in battle after getting frustrated. Gunnar had to pin her down and talk her out of the God's whisper-induced state as she began moving a bit further into being Tainted, her body becoming stronger as a result. 

Even after this, the training didn't let up. 

Gunnar continued pushing her harder as he knew she could take it and, when he was unable to train her further, he insisted on having her fight group battles. Around the fourth one, she ended up listening to the God's whispers and used the same hateful energy she had, infusing her sword with it and sending an arch of red energy at the people she was only supposed to be sparring with. A few men were injured and others were watching in awe, believing it to be the power that a priestess should have when it came to defending her shrine. 

It was around this time that the whispers in the night grew worse and Gunnar had to find ways to keep his wife awake during the night. They tried everything to keep her from falling asleep, the whispers she would repeat from her dreams breaking Gunnar's heart to hear them. He knew that the God wanted her to leave, to move to the forest and be a nameless banshee but Gunnar was doing his best to keep her in their small home when he knew that it was possible she could become a threat at any time.


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When Kyna was five years old, the traders came through again, bringing with them tales of war from Upper Milan. The entire village believed it and they were immediately beginning to round up soldiers. Gunnar noticed Gavin was hanging nearby, eyeing Hale as the others worked to get more people involved in the forces. 

Kissing his wife, Gunnar recited his promise to her and threaded his hands through her hair, the one thing he did when he was feeling stressed. She caught onto this almost immediately and begged him not to leave them, almost in tears. The sight broke Gunnar's heart but he couldn't just stay there and leave her to be preyed upon by Gavin; instead, he took up his sword and shield and followed the men to the place in the icy tundra where Gavin had told them that the war was to take place.

Instead of being a war, there was a slaughter in the middle of the night. 

Gunnar woke up and immediately found that Gavin had somehow managed to kill several of the men from the village without having woken up a single one of them. Gunnar fought valiantly against Gavin but in the end, he was stabbed through the stomach and the other man's grin was the last thing he ever saw.

Pirate by orpheelin
For a moment, his life flashed before his eyes and the last image that he had in his mind was of his beautiful wife on the deck of a large wooden vessel. It was a boat, if he had remembered right, and he could tell that with the woman was their daughter on that ship, heading out of Eden via the sea at Penacles.

Into the snow, Gunnar smiled and took his last breaths.

Far off in the village, Hale dropped a plate at the exact minute his heart stopped, feeling that something wasn't right. She stood at the edge of the village for days, waiting for the men to come back but when they didn't, she was inconsolable. Her daughter understood that daddy wasn't coming home and as much as it hurt, she told her mom that her daddy was going to be an angel and look over them. 

Hale hugged her daughter and put her to sleep that night, kissing her forehead as she left to tidy the small shrine for the honor banquet for their dead the next day. When she looked back to her home about an hour later, she was surprised to find that it was in flames. She ran toward the hut only to be caught by Gavin, screaming as she tried to reach her daughter who was yelling and crying for her mother inside. 

One of the soldiers tried to go inside to rescue the little girl but the screaming from inside had stopped before anyone could even get inside. Broken and completely depressed, Hale sobbed into Gavin's chest in front of the people of her village. Losing both her daughter and husband just within a few weeks of one another had simply ripped into her, almost threatening to rip her heart out of her chest. 

It wasn't until she was alone with Gavin in a small hut somewhere out in the middle of nowhere the next day, the man having volunteered to take her to Milan on his own, that she realized the true nature of this man. He openly admitted to the murders of her husband and daughter, claiming that he loved the look on her face when she had broken down in his arms. 

She was tied up to the ceiling of the building by her wrists with chains, her clothes were in tatters and, once they had reached a certain state of tearing, he completely removed them. Hale suffered several weeks of being force-fed corrupted meat as well as being raped by Gavin, her body never once yielded any results. He ended up leaving her alone in the warehouse, locking the doors behind him but forgetting the windows near the ceiling. 

As she began to pass out, her body began to change, taking on more and more of the taint that came with being exposed to a large amount of corrupted flesh in her system. Since her body had been in shock beforehand, it took a bit longer for her to change accordingly but it wasn't as if Gavin would have known that.

She suffered the entire night, listening to the hateful sounds of the God that she had ignored for her entire life as her body burned as if being doused in hellfire. Hale was unable to keep herself from just letting it happen, not even fighting it at this point because she knew she had nothing to live for without Gunnar and Kyna. It was nearing morning when she realized that her body was no longer feeling the previous chill of the room as her skin was just as cold as the ice itself.

Hale had been reborn in ice and would be able to withstand any temperature because of that, being only slightly degraded while in the hot temperatures of the desert. The woman was able to break the chains from the ceiling and immediately dressed herself in whatever clothes she could find, getting a blade and silver dress with a hood that was just as good as anything else she could have worn.

The now hateful woman returned to the icy tundra to find her husband's bow and quiver, his last resting place not being too difficult to find after the God had led her there. Once she acquired that, she was about to try and beg for him to wake up until she remembered that he was just as dead as her daughter. Turning away from the corpse of the man she had loved most dearly in her world, Hale found herself heading to the woods where she became the Grim Reaper her villages had feared. 

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Working in the forest for several years, she made certain to craft her own armor and even her own arrows, only trading when necessary and those instances were few and far between. She detested having to deal with traders, their questions were all the time getting in her way and when she had attempted to buy a horse, she was denied mostly because of her race but that didn't bother her.

The woman laughed in their faces and shook her head, telling them that she was just as good walking to Lyons as she was riding. The traders were perplexed at her attitude but she wasn't concerned about it. She ended up heading to Lyons in search of metal to replace her swords. The previous ones had been lost in the blaze that had taken her daughter, and found that she was able to construct some with the so-called help of a blacksmith in the city. 

The man made her work for her keep in the smithery and did nothing to teach her, feeling that if she were able to come to him for help of any kind after showing her the basics, it wouldn't teach her a thing. Hale struggled through the entire process of making the weapons and armor until she was able to manage hardened leather breast plates.

After a few months, she was able to craft smaller knives and a few bronze tips for arrows, her favorite was to make small coins and wire-crafted pieces of jewelry that she had attached to her breastplate.  In addition, she was able to learn how to begin making not-so-well crafted chains and straps that she just kept so that she could perfect them later on. The only problem with that was the fact that she was completely unable to recreate this because of not having the right equipment with her after leaving the city. 

After leaving Lyons, Hale began wandering the land. She was most notably in the forest where she lived for a few years, keeping her skills up with a few of the Nightwolves who roamed the area. It was because of her that several of the small folk legends began to be shot out of proportion. Hale became acquianted with Leviticus' pack of Nightwolves after she met Thrandr, the man attempting to push her down and rape her because of her so-called disrespect. She calmly explained to Leviticus that if Thrandr was unable to push her down to show that she needed to be 'taught a lesson' then he was a complete fool. Hale went on to tell Leviticus that she could, instead, shove something into Thrandr's ass and wouldn't be too kind about it.

It was because of this that she managed to become somewhat friendly with the men there and was regarded as one of them until she physically punched one of them in the face for attempting to rape someone in front of her. Hale told Leviticus about her own capture and torture through Gavin and the man seemed to be okay with her pushing around his clansmen. Thrandr hated her even more for this and refused to help her in anything that even resembled hunting or helping her, this was just find and dandy with her. At this point Hale couldn't have cared less if Thrandr sat on a stick and rotated.

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Instead, she worked on hunting for the group. Hale was put with a group of four hunters and was very good at what she did, their group was almost always successful while bringing back deer and Dire Wolves for the nomadic group. Thrandr hated her with an even more fiery passion, making it his personal goal to have his own hunting group to show hers up but they rarely ever came back with anything that could be used unless it was firewood. 

Thrandr attempted to attack Hale again as he believed the woman to be disrepecting him out in the woods once and the Forsaken found it a prime opportunity to use her abilities on him. Aiming to attempt to kill him, Hale went to use her Rage ability only to find that a net was created this time instead, pinning the man down easily. She allowed all but one of the little flame orbs to go out until she ran out of energy to sustain it, letting him up and then taking him back to camp after knocking him out. 

She told Leviticus what happened, omitting the fact that Thrandr attempted to rape her again, making the man tell his leader on his own. Once he did, Thrandr was punished harshly for it. Hale began training her new ability, finding that it was quite useful for hunting and used it on a fellow Forsaken who tried to kill her in the Forest. It caused an explosion, this incomplete ability. She was very near Targaryen when this happened, ending up catching the attention of the Corrupted that ended up attacking his Patroller unit. 

After that instance, Hale began traveling, a living legend that moved along the forest and can be found anywhere at almost any time as if... she's in search of something...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fighting Style: 
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Hale's fighting style can be seen as a balanced long and short ranged juggernaut. She can throw a damn good punch; she can fight viciously up close with a sword and look as if she's dancing when wielding a blade. Her grace is unequaled as far as she's concerned and even if someone were to try and tell her different, she wouldn't listen to them. 

Her skill with a bow is just as good at her ability to use a sword and she can shoot an apple with a good eye about a hundred meters away. 

Hale prides herself on her abilities of being both a good archer and fighter, one maybe being better than the other skill but she believes they're both equally as good. 

Her other skills include:

Tailoring and Leatherworking: It is because of her simple upbringing that Hale had to learn how to tailor her own clothing. She had to know how to make things by hand in order to have something for her to wear both in travel as well as in combat. The woman had prided herself on this as well but her only lacking issue here is that her ability to make anything like capes or cloaks is simply ridiculous. 

Cooking and Hunting: Now that she's on her own in the forest, the woman has to be able to make her own food as well as be able to track it. Her tracking skills aren't nearly as good as someone who was born to do so like Arkadiya, but she can manage to at least find something even if she's just stealing someone's kills.

Adept Blacksmithing: A useless skill, she believes. Hale only learned enough about this to be able to make her own swords until she's able to trade for something better. She can make simple things like copper fasteners and straps, belt buckles and pipes out of copper. Hale has not worked with anything aside from copper, iron, and silver. 

Red QueenEdit

When being turned into a Tainted, Hale's abilities were truly unique in strange ways. Hale's theme is based on the color red. 

  • Light red represents joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, and love. 
  • Pink signifies romance, love, and friendship. It denotes feminine qualities and passiveness.
  • Dark red is associated with vigor, willpower, rage, anger, leadership, courage, longing, malice, and wrath.
  • Brown suggests stability and denotes masculine qualities.
  • Reddish-brown is associated with harvest and fall.

Hale was married to Gunnar with a red ribbon tied around her ankle with a red rosary cross hanging from it to signify that she was married in their village's beliefs. 

As a priestess, she was not only responsible for getting the blood of Dire Wolves and Deer for healthy children but she was also required to wear red make up with a white foundation.

Her daughter died in fire, strengthening Hale's attachment to the color red. While she was being raped by Gavin, her thighs were coated with blood. Now, her eyes are the very color that has haunted her throughout her entire life and, while it has several different meanings, her eyes show the very definition of dark red.

Hale has become the complete opposite of how she was before leaving her original village in the plains.

Call of the BansheeEdit

Name Call of the Banshee
Type Offensive AOE
Cost Medium
Stat Focus
Range 12 ft circular radius
Desperate, loud, a warning. What are all of those associated with? Red. Warning labels are red and loud things are bolded, normally in red. It is because of this that her power is the manifestation of the color red, which has been prevalent throughout her life.

This ability was tied to the color red through her desperation to survive an attack from a Dire Wolf while unarmed, it was a loud noise that was brought about from this experience that forced her to manifest it in such an unconventional way.

The Call of the Banshee, named because of the sound it makes, was used mostly for a way to get help but it shows as distorted sound waves that echo from her throat as she screams, causing blast damage to those who are within six feet of her and several bruises and flesh wounds to anyone that's beyond six feet and within the twelve foot radius. 

Red Queen's RageEdit

Name Red Queen's Rage
Type Offensive
Cost Medium
Stat Focus, Accuracy
Range Medium Range - Single Area Shot

To be simply put, rage is always associated with the color red and has rarely been seen used with anything else. Berserk-ers always glow red when they're shown in video games, that's how you know what they are and what's going on with them when the status effect is on them. The only difference with Hale's is that it's being thrown at them rather than showing itself on her as a berserk-er buff.

After the Dire Wolf attack, Hale began taking her training much more seriously and found that there was a special ability she could use while sword training [as explained in her history]. The ability coats her sword with red energy fueled from her body heat and, after the sword is swung, fires a strong crimson-colored energy blast. The energy flows out of the blade and fires in the arc of the sword's swing, but can only be swung in one area. 

The drawbacks of this ability is that if Hale gets too close to it while it's still activated and heading for her target, it could end up injuring her as well. Once it's 'shot', so to speak, she cannot change or alter the direction of the attack and can only consider it energy wasted if it doesn't hit her intended target.

Red Queen's DawnEdit

Name Red Queen's Dawn
Type Bind
Cost High
Stat Focus
Range Close to Long    

This last ability plays off of the second ability. The hate for being trapped and forced to do something against her will; the rage at Gavin that she's kept hidden, trapped so to speak in her own heart; the courage she has to continue going on when she just wishes to rip the man to shreds. Hale learned of this one after having a moment of desperation [a moment of weakness if anyone were to ask her] when she couldn't manage to get a deer pinned for food. 

It burst into a large red net over the animal and then began to bind and restrict. The net further binds and restricts an opponent’s movements by constricting to its form. This part of it is where it normally ends for her being able to get herself something to eat, especially if she wants to keep her catch. The net itself can be removed with enough strength from the opponent, but for a comparison it's her focus vs their (strength + resilience)/2. Meaning that if those two stats are lower than her Focus, they'll be drawing the short end of the stick.

Later, the woman learned that she was able to do much more with it after having been angered by Thrandr of the Nightwolves. The offensive part of this ability begins when she snaps her fingers five times, creating orbs of blood-like fire around the outside length of the net. She can activate the explosions at any time but they must be set off in one by one in order, like a set of dominos. Once they explode, they create a blast similar to landmines, leading toward the target underneath the net to create a large explosion like that of a propane tank. 


{{{strength bonus}}}{{{dexterity bonus}}}{{{endurance bonus}}}{{{focus bonus}}}{{{resilience bonus}}}{{{accuracy bonus}}}
STR 11
DEX 12
FCS 12
RES 11
ACC 13
Base points 70
Earned 0 (Link to be added...)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 70


  • Her faceclaim is Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft.


Character DevelopmentEdit

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