"Think striking oil. Only you can't drink oil."

Complete list of usesEdit

Gourds grow almost the exact opposite of what one would expect a tree to grow. Gourds start underground, and their roots grow up, reaching just underneath the surface, collecting nutrients from there.

The nutrients are carreid to the main plant, where it is converted to a rich liquid, which, if the gourd is excavated properly, can be used to slake one's thirst.

The inside of a gourd is, for the most part, hollow, though over time it's filled with the liquid the gourd produces, which the nomads have taken to calling Teoctli.

Once drained of this liquid, Gourds lose their use to most people, though a thrifty survivor will make use of the dried husk as well, which can be used as a fan to try and keep cool, or as tinder.