Polar Bear

"You know how up until now I've been teaching you how to live? Well, go poke a Dire Bear, and we can see how well you know how to run."


Solitary creatures, Dire Bear's are rarely seen outside of the caves of the icelands. From inside these caves, Dire Bear's can spend up to sixteen hours a day sleeping. The other eight hours are spent eating, or mating.

When hungry, a Dire Bear will come out of it's cave, going as far as it needs to to find it's prey, whether that be wolves, humans, or Corrupted, or even the occasional Horror, before dragging it's meal back to it's cave. Other than that, bears are relatively rare creatures, and don't make themselves known very often.

The exception to this is during mating season. During mating season, females select their mates depending on the gifts of meal's they are given. If the potential mate brings a large enough meal, the female will mate with him. Due to this reason, during mating season, Dire Bear's become hyper aggressive. At these times, up to three or four of them can be found bursting into the more unprotected villages, fighting each other over food, and attacking anyone in sight, sometimes even taking fallen bears as potential meals.

Survival TipsEdit

In-Laws. You know those annoying In-Laws who never think you're good enough? Trip them. They'll make a good distraction for the Dire Bears while you run like hell.

Hide. Bears have no shortage of creatures they can snatch up, so they're not going out of their way to get one small human. Hide, go inside a building, climb a tree, the bear won't see you as worth the trouble. Unless it's really hungry. Or you pissed it off.

Hit it in the mouth. On the roof of the bears mouth is a bundle of nerves, strike it hard enough, and you can render the bear unconscious. Of course, you risk losing a hand or an arm, but better than dying.

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