Honeypot ant

"Quite the treat the Honeypot Ants are, if you can reach them, even better than Gourds. But the soldiers... They do not like visitors."


Crag Ants make their home in the canyon's of the desert, carving away at the rock walls to make their nests. When left to their own devices, they are quite innocent, content with building away.

However, they are not often left to their own devices. Within these nests are Honeypot Ants, Ants whose abdomens are swollen with a sugary sweet nectar highly prized by nomads and those who reside in the Forest regions. But, as highly prized as it is, reaching it is ever dangerous.

Getting into the hives means gettng past the soldier ants, each one a foot long. To do so unprepared is close to suicide.

Survival TipsEdit

How about you just leave them the hell alone? Ants that are a foot long, does that sound like a smart thing to piss off?

I'm telling you, just leave them alone and you'll be fine.

Fine fine, you really want that nectar? Take something sugary with you, lots of it. Use it as a decoy. Preferrably something alive that they have to chase. Fire can also discourage them, but not for long.