Cheslev Bush

"I sterilize everything in Cheslev juice, it's the only way to not infect myself. Warning though, only use the leaves. Only the leaves. Never teh petals." - Gilean's scientific seminar of plants and their uses.


Stalks- Dried Cheslev Stems make for good incense, and can be burned to create a lovely aroma that permeates the room and lingers for days.

Leaves- Cheslev Leaves can be crushed into a thick foul paste, or if mixed with juices from the stems, a thin pleasant salve. They both serve as antiseptics and antibiotics, helping to fight infection on the areas they're placed on, though the latter is heavily diluted, and mainly used by vain women too stupid to take care of tehmselves properly.

Petals- Petals from a Cheslev bush, when soaked in plain water for three days, leave behind a poison. Remove teh petals and keep the water, adn you have a poison that can make a man's heart and breathing stop almost altogether, making them seem dead. Surprisingly enough, the stalks form an incense that will revive the victim, if used in time.